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Saturday's Critters _ a collection

Some of the critters I see around home. These are the photos of our constant visitors.

Birds, Cats, dogs, butterflies and others.

On the cover a recently hatched Monarch butterfly

#1 Blackbird

It is listening, the Blackbird is listening to the ground, for a moving meal like a worm

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#2 Thrush

Also listening for a moving meal a worm or a snail.

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#3 Myna

It often visits home but it was in Huia this day. It is a bully in the bird world.

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#4 Rosealla

A pretty bird emigrated from Australia, another bully bird. They have been visiting lately you can hear them too

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#5 Sparrow

Always begging for food but always around home as well.

#6 Starling

They always go for the persimons in our neighbours tree. the persimons are not great eating.

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#7 White eye

They seem to be regular visitors here

#8 Greenfinch

When I put out wild bird seed these greenfinches visit us

#9 Tui

The This visit when there is nectar from the trees. Not seen them for a while

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#10 The New Zealand Fantail

It does not visit often but it is a very friendly and lovely bird. It nips insects out of the air.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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