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Saturday's Critters – a range of Garden friends

These friends drop by and give me a friendly word, not always in human speech but their presence.

Working in the garden these small creatures encourage me with a look of friendship and hoping for a quick feed or even a pat or “Hello!”

We begin with our daily Black bird, a female, eating a worm from the garden. She often pinches the cat food out of the bowl that I put out not for my own cats but others..

#1 Felicity’s Puppy in Te Kauwhata

This little guy is about to be adopted to a new home soon One of Rosie's puppies and I think this is a boy because it is the only one with a Black nose.

#2 Two Thrushes on the lawn

The birds are the gardeners pest controllers and they follow me around when I am weeding.

#3 Louis,

Our friendly receptionist, there to greet every visitor and a really good back seater driver when going away or on a short road trip.

#4 Joel

Always there and a wonderful personality 

#5 Sleeps on the porch – Jewel

Again not mine but always very friendly. Also near by the strawberry plants.

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