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Saturday's Critters – New birds in Chindia

Today I want to introduce you a pair of newcomers to Chindia. Few days ago  I saw them standing on a lamp in the park. From time to time, one of them takes flight, rises a few feet into the air, then plunges straight into the water. Each time he comes out with a fish in his beak. Each time he shares food with his partner. Looking at them remotely, it seemed to me that they were babies seagulls. I was wrong! They are similar to seagulls, but their tail is similar to that of swallow. It was the first time I saw this bird.

The next day I took my camera and I hoped I would find them again. They arrived when we were about to leave the park. I took some photos from a long distance, then I tried to get   closer them to take another photo. I did not succeed because they immediately became agitated and left.

I’ve been able to identify these birds with the help of Mr. Google. In Romanian, we call it Chira(Sterna hirundo). They are slender, lightly built birds with long, forked tails, narrow wings, and relatively short legs. They usually live in the Danube Delta and are protected  birds in Romania.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. Yes, we have these birds in New Zealand. They are called “Terns” here. There are different types of these birds. The Common Tern, the Arctic Tern ( I am not sure if I have seen an Arctic Tern here) and the Caspian Tern (Has a large head) and a rare type of Tern called “The Fairy Tern”.