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Sandia Creek

Off the beaten path near Camp Pendleton and Fallbrook is the Santa Margarita River and Sandia Creek. Of all the rivers in Southern California, only the Santa Margarita River remains undiverted, unchanneld, and un-dammed. It is like stepping back in time and I love it here.

There are huge boulders and clear water that is warm enough to swim in.

My grandson really loved it here. We even saw this pretty lizard. He looked like the flame from a fire with his bright colors.

I had to get a little closer, they are very skittish and when I zoom with this camera the photos are always fuzzy. I did get a tiny bit closer though.

Another family came by and stopped to play in the water. My grandson was stoked to have another kid his age to play with.

They had a blast jumping into a deep pool from this rock barely under the water. If you look closely you can see my shadow.

These pretty white flowers were in bloom along the water’s edge.

The plants grow in the water here, and the fish hang out here during the daytime.

Remember to get out and enjoy nature. Have a great day.


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  1. Waaww… The river seems very pleasant.
    When viewed at glance, especially from the first picture, the river water looks muddy. But if I look at the pictures where your grandson is playing, the water does look clear. The neighborhood looks beautiful, but is it a shallow river?

  2. Oh yeah! My nephew went to live in California (Campbell) a few years ago, and I have never seen him happier. He used to suffer with SAD, as I think I do, myself. To paraphrase Cormac McCarthy, Ireland is no country for SAD sufferers 🙂 Just looking at your lovely pictures, I feel a warmth seep into me!

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