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Autumn is Approaching (part 2)

I love this time of year in Southern California, the air is starting to get crisp, the fall flowers emerge. The sun gets lower, and gives us this beautiful golden light in the afternoons.

Here is part two of my walk from yesterday.

The photo below is a Butterfly bush growing wild, and it would have been very easy to miss as the color purple is the hardest color for our eyes to distinguish. Keys to a successful photo walk??!. Don’t be stressed, it’s really easy to miss detail when you are. I have gone on walks and got back and all of the photos are horrible, these days I noticed I wasn’t in a very good mood. When you go out for a walk and you feel at peace and calm you can see more. Pay attention to detail. Look closely at nature. There is beauty everywhere!!

Now, the same bush is pictured below. When you train your eyes to see the beauty, there is a big difference.

I couldn’t get enough of this bush, it had so many gorgeous blooms and I loved the leaves.


Onto the next cool thing.. I liked the pole, it was old. The round cylinder is a transformer. I once saw lightening hit one of these. Boy it just blew up, and the resort I ran was out of power for a whole day. Luckily we had a generator.

Yes, well I said, I liked this pole and the lines as well.

The step down pole with its meter box. Notice all the lines are disconnected, the used to power a ranch here long ago.

I am not sure what the flower pictured below is, but it sure was happy!

In the photo below I took a picture of this burnt orange bush that blooms this time of year. I do not know the name..


And the last flower I found was a Sacred Datura just beginning to open. It is toxic but so gorgeous.

I will end with the ending to my day, this sunset! Thanks for stopping by!

Another angle.

And the cactus silhouette I used for the cover.


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  1. Great photos. That datura is just fabulous. I love the way you’ve shot it. I remember that pole being erected behind my property here when we moved in, with its transformer etc. We don’t get much lightning, but nothing is permanent. I wonder how long before it is lying idle…

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