My left over photos… What do you do?

Well, you could make a totally random post, with a wide variety of pictures.. 

Yes, that’s it! That is exactly what this is… Grins. 

First off we have Trixie and the flower… This one was kind of fuzzy but I couldn’t just delete her…

The next one is the one I used for the cover.

I pulled up my jokes to see how many I had made since I started my Joke of the Day jokes. I used my hashtag #Kimsjokes . When I got to the end of my hashtag’s posts, I got this message from Virily, “Congratulations. You have reached the end of the internet.” hahahah love it. 

Have you seen this message before? 

The next one is ooky! Is ooky a word? It is to me! 

The nest…Look closely, see the X made by the vine? Look in the corner of the wood piece right there. This is not a cute little birds nest. And it’s right outside my door. : ( 

I always spray bug spray, natural of course around my house. We seem to be over run with White and Brown Widows every where in San Diego County. I was born and raised here. When I was a child we would see the occasional Black Widow. Very distinct and easy to see. 

Lately the White and Brown Widow are taking over and killing all of the Black Widows. Odd.. I don’t know why. 

The White Widow Spider according to Wikipedia is Latrodectus Pallidus is from North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Nothing mentioned about it being here. But it is.

I sprayed, out came an angry MOM.. Ew. 

This is a Brown Widow. You can easily identify this by it’s striped legs. Again, according to Wikipedia this one is known as he Latrodectus Geometricus. Also known as he brown button spider, grey widow spider. They both are cousins of the Black Widow. 

Sorry to say she didn’t last long after her photo. 

Okay, then for something prettier..


And one more shot of my moms Christmas Cactus.

I hope you enjoyed this random tour. lol

Have a great day. 


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    • lol awe, darn it Pixie. No spider is a good spider! giggles, RIP miss Widow. I didn’t kill her, I just sprayed her. I thought she would like a bath in soapy water. ; )

      • Hahahaha your reply got a real laugh from me! In our country, instead of saying “don’t you have a heart?”, people would say “don’t you have kidney? liver? gizzard (I know that is a chicken part but yes we say that)?” We use that to tease a person and we will enumerate all the internal organs we can think of just so to make someone guilty in a funny way

    • Me too! I read down below that the admins do know about it and are scrambling to fix it. Thank you, glad you liked the flowers. My mom now wants a read one too. I guess I know what she’s getting for her birthday!

  1. I do not have it. But today is a mess with my publications. Missing. And what I see as approved for me is an open list of one photo. It has to be a 10-picture gallery. Complete chaos. I like your flowers.