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Macro Monday – Treasure from the Sea

Here we have in the sand of Onehunga’s beach, stones, sand, shells. The large fanned Shell is a Scallop shell.

We have some Pipi Shells and fragments of other shells.

As a child we used to go over beaches and collect shells and make shell boxes for people. Well my oldest sister got to make them, we collected for her…However I have also made a shell box a long time ago..

Cast you net and you get all types of fish…now I am against set net fishing now. Fish species are being threatened by over fishing and often they don’t have a chance.

However, there are all types in this world and everything is not the same….Life is not boring..


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Net fishing changes everything. You don’t have to actually fish. You simply know where you want to throw a net.

    I love fishing (although I do not often actually catch fish on purpose). I like figuring out where the fish are. Paying attention to water temperature, conditions.


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