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Last year on this day…

Happy Easter hike in San Marcos California last year. 

The place is called Double Peak and is about 16 miles inland from Oceanside. It’s a great place with a wonderful view. My two sons and daughter in law along with our dogs came along. Here are some pictures of the views. 

The elevation is 1646 feet above sea level. 

#1 The trail

and one of the peaks showing on the right of the frame. 

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#2 The sky…

was so pretty...

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#3 More of the trail

Look inviting? 

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#5 From the tiniest flowers

The are tiny but so pretty. 

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#6 The size of a housefly

This is the closest I could get to them without them being blurry. 

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#7 California Sunflower

and some Mexican Bush Sage fill the hills. 

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#8 Meika

knows the rabbits love this area..She didn't find any. lol 

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#9 Sage

I love this stuff. 

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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. You must really love the nature!!
    It’s shown all in your photos!!

    And for me … my trail never leaves my neighbourhood too far …oops

    Btw nice photos!!

    • lol Alibb, you made me laugh. Yes, I love nature. You comment reminds me of a gf my son had a few years back. Took her hiking, and she hated it. I asked why,,she said, “because it’s all natury and stuff” hahaha Thank you for the compliment and smile.

      • Hahaha… glad my comments made you laugh
        well, I don’t really hate the nature, I think it’s good to be in nature once in a while. But I’ve lots of lazy bones that refuse to work… so yeah… lol