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I feel like such a failure…

This hike kicked my butt! 

The website I used to find this place listed this hike as easy to moderate.  Only five miles round trip, most of the hike is under a canopy of trees and level. The reward is that you can pick one of two lakes to hike to. The trail splits after you come out of the tree canopy. Both trails list the lakes to be 1.2 miles. The rest of this journey is walking up the lake, I chose Lake Ramona. The rest of the way would be in the sun and only 1.2 miles. We took plenty of water for the dogs. Good thing. 

It was a gorgeous sunny warm day. The temps started off in the low sixties. Weather had warned that it might get up to 77 degrees. Perfect day for a hike. 

Well the weather channels around here sometimes get it wrong. We have so many temperature differences just in San Diego County that they don’t always get the temperatures correct. 

It got into the high 80’s to low 90’s in the sun. Three days later and I can hardly walk because of my sore muscles. I thought I was getting in shape, but apparently not. I have a long way to go.. 

Now for that hike..(This is more than one page) 

#3 Boulders

Line the trail up to the lake. I picked Ramona Lake over Poway Lake. Ramona is less populated and more natural looking. Grass is planted all around Lake Poway. 

#4 A look back

Where we had started.. And up we go!! I am starting to feel the burn.. I had to take a lot of breaks on the way up. Hey, perfect for taking pictures right? 

#5 Lake Poway

Lake Poway comes into sight. This must mean we should be reaching Ramona Lake soon! 

Or so I thought...

#6 The trail

We started from that valley down there.. 

#8 Trees again finally..

We stopped for a much needed water and shade break here. 

I learned something today. Always look at elevation gain when planning a hike. I learned after I got home that this is an elevation gain of 1, 347 feet, at 1.2 miles on a 6% grade. Easy to moderate is the width of trail.  The hike I did in the Secret Canyon was listed as difficult. Because it was a narrow path with a high likelyhoo of falling to your death. Yikes. I thought the rating was the difficulty. 

#10 The LAKE!

We finally made it. It took a little over two hours. We will stay until it cools down. We have lunch in our packs, and snacks for the dogs. 


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  1. I think if you consider yourself a failure then I need to dig myself a hole!! LOL

    It’s a long hike and you’ve some much stuffs with you – water is VERY heavy!
    I remember going up Mt Bruno and I almost died somewhere … I needed multiple breaks… and you know what? I’ve left everything in the car except for a water bottle and phone!
    You know, what I’ll salute you for what you did!!

    Anyway, that hike makes me swear never to hike again! LOL

    • Awe Alibb, I didn’t mean for that to happen, this is supposed to inspire. lol I am joking, this one was such a hard hike, and reading the reviews, it looked easy enough. Where is Mt. Bruno? I know of one in Australia is that the one? I do know that feeling now, and I am sure its not as high as a the one you hiked.

      • LOL, I know the feeling, reviews always make it seems easier!! My sister thought that too when she planned the trip, it was DAMN! Almost took my life and legs!! LOL

        There is a typo. Mt Burmo is in Surabaya, Indonesia. Maybe Albert can help with this :p


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