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Hell Creek runs dry!

I went for a hike in Hellhole Canyon Preserve in Valley Center, San Diego County, California.

I bet it is not running dry now, we got rain last night!! 

If you missed the first part of this hike here is the link.

Now for the rest…

#1 Rodriguez Mountain and Hellhole Canyon!

This all used to be one farm. Imagine living here.. taking the horses down to the creek and exploring the hillsides...

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#2 A cave

I tried to zoom in so you could see the cave. Can you see it? 

#3 Some of the crew..

My son, Luna and Penny all waiting for me to catch up. See that tree above them? 

I mentioned in the previous post how wildfires from 2003 and 2007 went through this area, burning thousands of acres. This area was hit hard twice, but a lot of the giant trees survive. The tree that is above them is one. It is a very old Live Oak Tree, with its bark charred by the fires. What I didn't show you was the trunk of that tree...

#4 The Live Oak Tree

It's trunk comes out of the ground on the right hand side of this photo. At one time it fell onto this boulder that is shown on the left. It made a hole that looks straight down into a deep valley. 

#5 Point of contact

It's been there awhile.. 

#6 The tree..

I walked around and this was the front. It looks like a dinosaur to me. 

#7 The feet

As you can see in this one, there was two points of contact onto that giant boulder. 

#8 Looking up

Through the magnificent canopy it made. The bark so black it does not catch any light at all. 

#9 Sycamore and Willow Trees

Can you spot my son? 

#10 This plant

Grows out of crevices of giant boulders, and is a shade plant only. I am not sure of the name. 

There is a page two, make sure to click for more, we haven't made it down to the creek bed  yet..

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