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Black & White Friday – 2 Swans

These are 2 Swans at Puketutu Island by Mangere Bridge. One White one Black

This has been the only White Swan I’ve seen and haven’t seen one since. 

Once there were White Swans but they didn’t survive, the male White Swan didn’t help the female Swan. The Black Swan males help the female Swans and that is why the Black Swans survive in New Zealand


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. A beautiful picture of gorgeous birds. I find the swans one of the most elegant birds in the worlds. We also have several white swan and a few black swans that are protected and stay on and around the Ottawa river not far from Gatineau. They are usually accompanied by ducks and or the Canadian geese depending on the weather. I did not know the fact that the white male swan did not help the female. I wonder why and I wonder if it is the same here in Ottawa-Gatineau. Nonetheless I enjoy watching them especially with their chicks which they keep under their wings until they are ready to go in the water.

    • I just saw a movie about Swan Lake in the South Island explaining why the White Swan is dying out. I love both types of Swans black or white and I do like Canadian Geese too. My first time I saw the Canadian Geese was in Lake Hakanoa, Huntly and I thought they were a type of Swan.


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