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Black and White Swans Form a Perfect Match

A few years ago, during a trip I made in several stunning regions of my country, I had the privilege to observe a rare sight, at least for me: two beautiful swans, one white and another one black, gently floating on a small lake in the proximity of a medieval fortress I was about to visit.

White swans are a common sight in my country, but black ones are quite rare; actually it was the first time I could see a black swan and a white one together, and while I was admiring this unusual and spectacular association of two contrasting elements, I was also wondering if there was any deeper significance of this unlikely combination.

Whenever I think of white swans, terms like beauty, grace, and purity come to my mind, as they are universal symbols that this species of the bird represents. As for black ones, I discovered on the web that they are a symbol of Western Australia. They came to represent something extraordinary, even fantastic and magical, as until their discovery all swans were thought to be white. The discovery of black swans showed once again that nothing is impossible in this life.

In addition to this fantastic significance, black swans, who have no natural predators, can also symbolize a positive approach to life, an invitation to take a look at ourselves and identify those elements which sometimes make us weak and vulnerable in front of the hardships of life, and find the inner strength that allows us to move on, to get rid of the things that make us feel powerless and find the light and inspiration that will allow us to make our lives better.

Obviously, the astonishing beauty of the white swan and the uniqueness and sense of empowerment associated with the black swan go hand in hand; it’s a perfect match that I could admire on the shores of that lake on a splendid summer day, and whenever I take a look back at those pictures I realize that I have to look for those things that bring grace and beauty, but also for power and majesty in my life. They may seem hard to find sometimes, but as long as I keep an open mind it’s impossible not to find them!


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  1. wow what a AWESOME post, I have seen black swans but as you said it’s very rare
    & the concept of how it is a life learning experience the 2 together, good things to
    learn, God has such a way to teach us the things we never thought possible in life.