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I have always been fascinated by flight and the earliest pilots or one of them are birds. Planes have been created by observation of bird flight. Yet the birds have the superior moves and they are flexible. My Dad said, “Any fool can fly! It’s landing that is the art of the pilot!”

He is right, if there is a cross wind when you land, you have to point the nose sideways depending on where the wind goes. The nose has to go up, but not too far up.

Plane flight is different from driving a car, you use your feet – not your hands to steer. It’s an art in itself, and I don’t know anything but that is all I know. To learn to fly is mostly unaffordable to most people but I would jump at the chance to learn.

Birds fly without having to pay for lessons.

#9 New Zealand Harrier Hawk

This is a predatory bird. Other smaller birds disappear when it is around and it is seeking dinner. They are magnificent fliers.

Alas, I see the best of them when driving a car and can't stop...but Im still waiting for that lucky shot!

They probably eat mainly road kill and do our roads a service . They remove the run over dead animal to the side of the road before eating it.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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