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A short walk to Sandia Creek!

This is a small creek leading off of the Santa Margarita River in Fallbrook, California. 

We haven’t had much rain all summer but there was still water flowing. This is a year round creek. 

This walk was only 1 mile out and back. I am still nursing sore muscles from last week. 

It was a gorgeous day. We had to take our shoes off and wade across the creek two times. The water is ice cold, clear and running really swiftly for such a tiny creek this time of year. 

#1 A sandy beach

This was just after the second creek crossing. We sat here, ate lunch and let our feet dry in the dappled sunlight of the trees. That dark hole on the left hand side of the frame is the creek. 

#2 The creek

What a great place for lunch.. Time to unpack the backpack! 

#3 So green

So green and dark under the trees. 

#4 Ankle deep

The creek is only ankle deep here, and so clear. It really rushes past here. 

#5 Sun Rays

Lighting up a small patch of water.

#7 Luna

Just smelling the grass...

#8 More

Luna likes to stay close, while Meika is off chasing rabbits. 

#9 Closeup

That round leafed plant is Water Cress. It must taste good. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson