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Quote Challenge #1

As soon as I was nominated I knew what my first quotes would be about. That’s the topic I prefer and a process I really like about life: change. No improvement would be possible without change. And there’s no a single thing in the universe that is unchangeable. One of the greatest Greek philosopher, Heraclitus was among the first who noticed that. His sayings “everything flows” and “there is nothing permanent except change” are well known and usually quoted. Still, people are afraid of changing. Most of them like the way they feel comfortable and wouldn’t change it for a world, even if that means the change is for better. Accepting change means accepting responsibility to act differently, than usual. Accepting change means learning new ways. And finally, accepting change means accepting yourself with all your experiences, flaws, virtues and imperfections that make you human.

Those reflections of mine are no wise, nor necessary for the Challenge, so let us see what really experienced and wise people said.

#1 Every Change Is For Better

Every change is for better no matter how we feel about it, at the moment. We are all parts of a greater Plan that we could understand, for our points of view. 

#2 Mahatma Gandhi

Everything is said about Mahatma Gandhi, so far. I could only tell why he is one of my favorite persons. His concept of "passive resistance" is the most brilliant answer to aggression. Violence is never the answer, that only causes more "justified" violence, that causes another one..... 

It is hard to leave old ways of behaving, that's worth trying. 

#3 Andy Warhol

This quote is close to my heart because emphasize our responsibility for every change in our life. We are not passive observers of our own lives, we are active participants who start (or no) everything that happens to us. Maybe we can't change our roles in the Big Plan, but we can decide how to play them.

#4 Robin Williams

A man who brought so much laughter and joy to us, kept so deep sorrow inside. Still, those words are true, regardless of his lost of fate in his own words and beliefs. He has changed the world making it better, or at least more joyful place, than it was before he came to the stage of life. His sudden death made us recognize desperation behind laughter. 

Now, it's time to nominate great three people who will continue this Challenge. Being here, on Virily for a few months, I couldn't say that I know many of you wonderful people. So, I was lucky enough to find those three.

JennaC was the first who accepted my invitation. A stay at home mom of a 4 boys who is still in love with her husband! You have to admit that is a rare quality those days. Besides, Jenna is curious person who is interested in many aspects of life, from TV shows to modern gadgets. Did I mention her excellent quizzes?

Second is Ziaullah , a person behind the nick BestFeeds. Respecting his privacy, I will only tell that he is a kind of a modern knight, fighting illnesses and diseases both in bodies and societies.

And last, but not the least, Vidocka. Truth to be told, I felt nervous addressing to a Supernova. Still that amazing author, and above all, a kind woman, accepted my invitation.

That's all for the first day of Challenge. I hope I justified trust, that Albert Herdianto Widjojo who nominated me, had.


What do you think?

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  1. Heraclitus was one of those pre-Socratic philosophers who said that “change” of “flow” is the basic characteristic of nature…everything flows and that good and bad have their inevitable place in the order of things because we cannot appreciate one without the other. He was the first one to see the “oneness” in everything.


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