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Quote Challenge: Day 2

A few days ago I posted my first post in the Quote Challenge. I know that I was supposed to do the follow up post the next day, but life gets busy. I am finally ready to post day 2 in the challenge.

I decided to post it as a gallery instead of a story, I don’t know if there were rules specifying how it was supposed to be posted. I like the gallery option though so that I can see which quote you all like best.

All the photos that the quotes are on are ones that I have taken.

I chose three quotes that I really find to be inspiring.  I hope you all will enjoy them as much as I do.

For the 2nd day of the challenge I am supposed to nominate 3 more Virily members who I think should take part in the challenge. I hope these three I am nominating haven’t done the challenge yet, but it is hard to keep up with who has and has not done it yet.


What do you think?

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  1. Somewhere above the rainbow, the heavens are blue, and the things you dared to dream really come true.
    Author: Laiman Frank Baum
    Failure is an opportunity to start over, only this time more sensible. – Henry Ford
    There are no good photography rules, these are just good pictures. – Ansel Adams

    I answered you with quotes. I hope you like them.


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