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Quotes Challenge: My 3 Favourite Quotes

You know guys, I’m not good in explaining quotes, but I’ll give it my best since I was nominated by our beautiful Filipina blogger named Cassy Janine, So I have here my three favourite quotes whom I stick to these everyday.

So are you ready Virilyans?

Here are my three favourite quotes:

1.” To be rich is not what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your heart.”

 — Anonymous

This is my first favourite quote. It tells that being rich is not just literally that you got lots of money, riches, or whatever treasures you have kept in your vaults, but being rich is how many people you have helped and helps everyday along the way, or how many people you have made happy through your kind and benevolence simple and little act of things. That’s what counts for being rich.

We, nowadays, are living in a world of modernization and technological advancement, yet there are still people from other side of the world who are still incapable of escaping from poverty. I’m not saying a man of riches literally, I’m just below an average man when it comes to earnings of my income, but not that poor that I can’t afford to buy, yet If I’m given a chance to become a super rich guy or even a tycoon someday, I think I’ll start by creating my own foundation to help the needy and those who badly needs helping hands. I am for humanity and a strong advocate for the needy.

So If I am to become powerful or get rich someday, social welfare is my first mission to envision as one of my personal legacies.

2. “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing, and work hard. The right people will come to you and stay.”

 — Will Smith

This second quote is from the famous Hollywood actor who played the lead role in a movie Hancock and Independence Day. It’s one of my favourite quotes that’s very truly inspiring. This quote emphasizes that we should not chase or catch up for other people just to be with us. Let them chase us. How? Work hard for our own, aim a certain goal and make it happen. Once you have reached that goal, it becomes your pinnacle in life.

You may be famous, get rich, or achieved professionally, but whatever it is, it is all due to your own efforts and struggles. You don’t need to be a digger just to be comfortably living in a lifestyle that’s filled with intrigues and issues. All you need to do is strive on your own.

People may gossip you, mock you, or talk at your back, but they don’t get what they want coz after all you have achieved things not from other’s wealth, but it’s from your own struggles and sacrifices. So create your own dimension, build your own foundation, and at the end of the day, people will realize you are something else.

3. “Don’t mix between my personality and my attitude because my personality is me and my attitude depends on you.” 

— Anonymous

This is my third and last quote. It’s all about bullying. We are nowadays living in a world where constant bullying really happens. This quote is for people who don’t have time for themselves, but they have time to watch you at your back, they’re always there to watch you in your ups and downs, and talks to you at your back.

We are living in a world where competition does really exist. So this quote is all about myself and for those who are currently having this predicament. I am for what I am, and I am different for what you are. Your approach and the way you act on me is what my attitude would be. Bullies are not just physically abuser, but some are great pretenders of jokes, yet when you bounce it back to them, they easily get triggered.

Bullies are not to be afraid of, they just seek attention. They are just poor creepy weak creatures pretending to be great but deep inside they are weak. They have child issues, parenting issues, that they need understanding. So if you were victimized by bullies, fight them back, don’t let them do it everyday. Not at all times, you need to escape from them, but you need to give them a lesson too. It’s not about size, when it comes to bullies, it’s about cleverness how to win from them. Sometimes, their greatest weaknesses are the jokes that they are trying to provoke you with. But, guys believe me, bullies are only hunting for weak, so don’t let yourself get weak, get strong and they will never get back to you again, once and for all.

So I hope guys, you have inspired from my 3 favourite quotes. Hope you will like these and may share this to your friends too.

So for this challenge, I am going to nominate 3 Virilyan bloggers to get this challenge continue, and here they are:

1.) lucia anna 

She is my first friend here at Virily, for she first invited me from Niume. She’s a good writer and one of the early bloggers here at Virily. She once belong to the Top 10 highest earning viril point bloggers when the membership reached to 500 members. She likes traveling, surfing the net, and writing as well. She writes about food, general writing, health and medicine, humor, love and romance, business and finance, news, science, beauty and personal care, travel and culture, and even entertainment.

2.) stbrians

He goes by the name Meshack Bwoyele Keya. He also has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Hubpages and many other sites. He’s a blogger, writer, pastor, and a farmer. He’s one of the early bloggers here too at Virily, and was formerly at Top 10 highest-earning viril-point bloggers when the membership reached to 1000 members. He likes to create quizzes especially something Biblical. He is the man who is well-spirited and a man of prayers.

3.) Lourence Genebraldo

He is my fellow kababayan (same citizenship) as he is a pure Filipino. He is currently teaching at Thailand and sometimes does his vlogging. He once won Virily’s first ever contest with the most liked pets. He likes writing travel blogs, foods, and sometimes quizzes as well. He also loves promoting tourism in Thailand and as well as his origin country Philippines. Featuring some embedded Youtube videos and some cool gadget reviews are some of his blogs too.

So, gorgeous Cassy Janine, I have done my part, So I hope you will like my quotes too and other fellow Virilyans as well. Hope lucia anna, stbrians, and Lourence Genebraldo will accept my challenge too.

So this is Traf saying my challenge is now open for the next challengers! Good luck guys!

Carpe diem!


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Written by Trafalgar Law

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