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Quote Challenge #2

Few days ago I almost finished my post “Quote Challenge#2” when my fat cat sat on the keyboard and erased the whole text. Now, it sounds like a bad excuse for haven’t written my homework, but it’s true. For several minutes, I was pissed off, swore a lot and then took a deep breathe because there was no use of any of those actions, since fat, yellow guy disappeared, so as my post. I didn’t try to recall it, instead I followed my instinct and decided to write about something else. That’s how I came to an idea for the following text.

There’s nothing wrong to pick up random pieces of wisdom from all around, but what if we sincerely admire one person’s philosophy? I don’t have idols, because we are all equal under the Sun, but I truly admire one philosopher, poet and artist- Khalil Gibran. That’s why I chose some of his immortal quotes for this challenge.

In a way, this quote is an extension of my previous challenge post about changing. In comments, many of you offered interesting points of view on that topic. One thing was for sure: changes are painful because they demand from us to renounce our old ways, but the prize is worth that.

There are no light without darkness and no joy without pain. Our understanding of things works through comparing. That’s why we should accept both good and bad that comes our way. It’s pain that make us stronger and changes us for better.

No one told it better. Do everything you love and love everything you do. Only things made with love are worth making. So, when someone asks me how I made something, I smile and say: “With love.”

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  1. It seems that I gradually gain a better understanding of your philosophy, principles, and values. If I comment on the wisdom of the duality of life, I will certainly only lower the Master’s degree. So, let me just praise your outstanding quotes choice; a great choice for the great post, Zaklina.


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