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Quote Challenge #1: My Favourite Life Quotes

Okay, here I am for the Quote Challenge as I was nominated by LaJenna. Do click on her name to check her quote challenge too. Thanks, dear LaJenna.

Hmmmm…at first, I am thinking what would be my theme on my first-day article and I came up writing my favorite LIFE quotes. Let’s begin.

Quote #1


By Jackson Brown Jr.

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.”

Dear, Virilians do you agree with it? Me as a person, I surely agree with J.Browns quote. Many times in my life, I have never been the best in every aspect I do, I sometimes failed but at the end of the day, I knew I did my very best. Well, being the best is something uplifting but be at your best is what matters.

Quote #2

By Carol Burnett

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”

Do you want your life to be as successful as you wanted to be? Do you want a better future? Do want to be a good model for the others? Do you want these and that? Simply do what you have to do. You have to plan for it. Work hard to have it. Other people can’t do it for you. You can’t have what you wanted in life if you don’t take the move.

Quote #3


Lastly, by unknown author

” Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.’

My final quote for today says my personal life motivation. In this world, we often face a lot of challenges, struggles, trials, and a lot of problems. Sometimes, we feel like we can’t move on from those life challenges but what’s make life worth it is that after we face successfully those difficulties is a beautiful result.

Say for example in love, we sometimes get broken-hearted but when we met the person who truly loves us unconditionally, we felt like those broken-hearted experience was just a step to reach our true love.

All right, that’s for today, I now give my list of nominated virilian bloggers to take the quote challenge too. 

  1. Kim_Johnson A friendly person is my first impression of her. She totally is a good blogger who introduces you lots of ideas about different topics. She wrote numbers of fun quizzes here in Virily and later wrote her kimsjoke. I now challenge you dear Kim for the quote challenge.
  2. Trafalgar Law The master of quizzes. Anime fanatic • Manga reader • Couch potato • Music lover • Gamer • Trivia blogger • Cruciverbalist • Movie & TV Series Reviewer • Quizzer… These is who he is here in Virily. He is also a Filipino like me and a friendly person. Okay, Traf..take the quote challenge and let’s read your favorite quotes.
  3. GINA23 Who doesn’t know her? She’s the queen of virily quiz maker. If you go and check her profile, you will find out yourself taking her fun quizzes and reading her blog about her travels. Gina, I dare you to take the challenge. Lol. We want to read your favorite quotes in life.

The challenge’ is very simple.

*Write your three quotes in a single article and give your insights about them.

*Do one article each day.

*For the first 2 articles, u will have to feature 3 writers or bloggers whom u like with corresponding links to their websites as well as the person that nominated you. Its purpose is of course to create traffic.


What do you think?

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  1. Haha I’ve been nominated..I’m not good at quotes, but I’ll try..I’ll post mine soon since I was nominated…nice elaboration of your quotes btw Cassy…Good job 🙂