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Hello everyone. I am INERTIA4. That is how I am known online. Well, I am new here as most of you can tell. I used to write with other sites that, unfortunately are no longer around. Oh well. But I am still with MyLot. Which in my opinion is the best of its type. I found this site through a friend there and I am giving it a shot. But like most people, I am wondering how long this site will be around. I have seen way too many of them come on the scene and claim to be the best and will be around forever. Well, they all must have lied. Because they are no longer online. So, hopefully this site is run by real honest people that are willing to make it work.

I think some of you might have heard of a site called Bubblews. The creators promised everyone greatness. But they ditched the site for their own greed and started another site. Which the members of Bubblews were supposed to be notified of but never were. So, that said, there is another site that looked real well put together. And that site was called Niume. Yes, they looked awesome and professional. But they too stopped paying and finally disappeared. Wow. Well, I felt lost. But at least I still had MyLot. And still do.

I am hoping this site is legit and not some scam to do whatever. So I will be going slow here. Do not expect me to jump in head first and post constantly. I need to tread lightly. Well, I am from NYC, I love to write when the mood strikes me. I love listening to music as well. I write poems and some short or micro stories as well. I live with my girlfriend and things are good here. I hope to see more people some here to make a go of it. Thanks for reading my babble. LOL. Nice!!!

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    • I hope you’re right about that. Thank you. I have been with MyLot for years and I am still there. This site seems interesting but a bit slow going. I need to give it a solid chance. How are things going? I hope all is well. Enjoy my friend.

  1. Welcome…this has been a tough week with the site being down or slow loading a lot. I was with Tsu and Rabadaba and hope this site lasts. Hope you’re doing okay in New York I hear you got a lot of snow yesterday.

    • Thanks for the comment. I haven’t been here in a while. Yeah, I know what you mean about the site being around long. I don’t put much stock in these sites. Only in MyLot right now. They have to be the best one out there. Yeah, we did have snow but it is all gone and quick.

  2. Welcome…this has been a tough week with the site being down or slow loading a lot. I was with Tsu and Rabadaba and hope this site lasts. Hope you’re doing okay in New York I hear you got a lot of snow yesterday

  3. EasyMoney20161 – I, for some reason could not reply to the last response you gave me here on this. Well, 2020, no I am not looking forward to more years with him. Hell no. But maybe there will be someone better that can finally fix the problems here and move us forward.

  4. wow I can’t believe that you made, it here that’s awesome, I’ve been on a lot of them sites as well including beermoney & elitewriters & some others ones that just blew us off like we were nothing.
    so being I was told about this one from a friend on (mylot) I did as you, I joined to see just what it
    was all about & I haven’t been here long but I’m getting use to the fact that some other familiar
    people are here that I USE to be connected with on the other sites I’ve been on, but now that I’m
    here I’m gonna to make the best out it while I can & pray that this works out as GOOD as mylot.

    I rather be on a writing site than any other site cause I love writing even though I MAY NOT be a
    A-1 writer but it relax’s me & it gets me where I love to be so with that said we’re all here for you.

    • Nice to be here. I am hoping the same thing about this site. I do hope it sticks around. I did join the forum you told me about. It’s okay but these type of sites are just more familiar and fun. I will still go there, but I think, in my opinion, MyLot is still the best. Lets hope this site can at least match them.

      • yeah, I have been on here 2 weeks now & I do enjoy the site
        it’s another way of making what little cash I can online, but I HOPE
        it won’t be the ONLY way I can make some extra side $ with in life.

        Cause right now it’s ALL I have to make what I can so I just make the
        best of it & do as much as I can & just HOPE things change for the
        better in 2020 for me but that’s 2 yrs away yet so it’s a wait & see thing.

  5. Welcome to Virily. I went down with a few of those ships as well, starting with Tsu… I was in Nuime as well for a very short time, I got there a month before they quit paying, and quit posting at that time. So theyre finally gone as well. I joined Rabadaba after Tsu closed down, it was never very good, but I did get paid, until they started offering pet store gift certificates instead of payment. When Nuime closed I found Virily and Tutuego and joined both. I gave each a month and stayed with the one that paid more and I liked Virily’s set up better. I joined last May I think, and have been paid 6 or 7 times. I do like it, but it has its bugs as well. What I like about it, is that you can IM the staff, and they are really kind people and always try to help as best they can. With just over a year in business who’s to say if it’ll stick around. In the meantime I have met some really awesome people that I know you will love as well. Good luck!

    • Yeah, Bubblews. LOL. Well they screwed us. I am hoping this site sticks around as well. But this is not my main site. I am on MyLot also. But if this site proves itself, unlike Bubblews and Niume, then maybe I can really sink my teeth into it.

  6. Hello and welcome to Virily! I’m interested to hear that Niume has actually disappeared – I gave up on them when they stopped paying. Virily is OK so far – I have had three payments since I joined last July. As for its long-term prospects – who can tell? Nothing lasts for ever!


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