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Responding to Ghostwriter's Challenge

Ghostwriter posted a challenge for anyone. I will give it a try. She listed several words to use in a post. 

If you missed her post you can find it here: Can You Use These Words in a Post?

Here goes nothing….

On life’s interesting journey, I have met many smart and interesting people. Their kindness and refreshing attitude is always nice and adds to the enjoyment of being around them. 

I also know many who are efficient in their daily tasks, setting examples for all of us to follow.

However there is always someone that comes along to ruin the mood for everyone. How dare my best friend be dishonest with me, what a travesty of trust. This behavior makes my entire day look like some sort of distortion.

But that will not slow me down or change my atttiude.I will rise above and not let others try to drag me down. I will keep my head up and have a wonderful day!  My cup remains half full. 

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. Life is not easy, always have to pick up where things get lost in the plot.
    I often find, like yesterday, an unearthed plug was like a terrible thing to the person who serviced my heat pump and found this could be very dangerous.
    Now if he did not check the heat pump and electrical equipment bad things could happen like we could be all electrocuted.
    Sometimes mishaps happen for a reason
    so often when things or people seem to miss something good, it could be also working towards the good.


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