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Well, I have been trying to lose weight. Now, lately I have been cheating on my diet. I am not on a specific diet. I am diabetic, so I have to stay away from certain things, mainly sugar and carbs. I have to admit I have been cheating on that diet with things like bagels, English muffins and other breads. In the morning as well as at night. I know I am doing something I shouldn’t be doing. But, I get depressed and nervous or even anxious. So I try and put myself down by eating things I am not supposed to. I know, my bad, I am stupid for doing that. I can tell you that years ago when my marriage broke up, I cheated on my diet then as well. I did it out of depression and to put myself down. Meaning helping myself sleep to forget. I know it was stupid and is stupid. But I need to break that chain and start all over.

This time, well, I am dealing with something else and my depression and anxiety kicks in and then I start to eat. Too bad it isn’t the reverse. Anyway, I started eating like this a few weeks ago and have not stopped yet. Strangely enough I haven’t really gained any weight from it. But I feel horrible and always tired. That is my diabetes at work. Not good, I know. But I am at the point, tonight as I type this, I am disgusted at what I did and how I have been eating. So, no more. After my dinner tonight, which I just had, I will stop eating all that garbage. Tonight if I get hungry I will drink water. I thought about maybe a cup of sugar free hot chocolate. But I rather just stick with the water.

I know I am not alone is feeling like this. And I know there are many people in the world that suffer from trying to lose weight and become healthy again. I also have one more vice that I need to stop and that is smoking. I had tried many times already and I need to stop immediately.  I had an issue with my bladder last year and escaped easy. That should have been y wake up call, but being an idiot that I am, I continued to smoke. Now it is time to stop it all. I am not asking for help or motivation from people. I am just writing this down here to get it off my chest and to keep me as honest as I can. Please don’t think I am really stupid, because I am not. I am a very smart human being. But emotions and depression can take hold of a person and make them do things they normally would not do.

Yeah, okay, this could also be viewed as a rant. Not a big deal. But a personal rant, one against myself. I need to get myself back to my good health and get my mind moving in the right direction. Maybe I feel foolish if I do, but I know am foolish if I don’t.

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  1. The best thing was I understand you. I did it all with carbs and before that the liquor store. I got tired of looking the way I did and that was a blessing. I got a plastic bag and tossed everything with 7 grams of sugar or more. It was gross to see that 6 bags leave my unit. My family member took it.

    I went two months to start with no sugar of any kind. It was hard but I kept looking in the mirror I chatted myself to death. I did not care about my depression or anxiety. i wanted to take off my clothes and look a certian way. I had no idea I lost weight till my neighbor said it. And I laughed and with joy said really.

    Then going to see someone else a few days later and she said your stomach is smaller. Jackpot! that is what I wanted. I went another 2 months and a blessing 05 15 pounds was down. I now go a few months out the year with no sugar and carbs.

    I bought bread yesterday. I ate two slices after the next two the bag is gone. I have three boxes of pasta. It’s been about 5 months now i used it about twice. I have no bagels and if I want one it will be a single serve. In the end I am feeling much better. The wonderful thing is I am happy. Do it as you see fit. In your own time.

    • Wow, yeah, when I was diagnosed with Diabetes back in 1998, I had to go on a strict diet. I went from 244 pounds down to 155 in no time. Wow, it felt so good. But after my marriage broke up I started eating bad again. And now I need to get back to losing this weight, my sugar numbers have not been good. So, I have to put the pedal to the metal so to speak.

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