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I am writing this post under the category of other, why? Well, simple, I think it is interesting. We here write posts on various things across the internet. Some of us write on many sites and some on just a few, like me. But all in all, we enjoy writing what we write. Whether it is a poem, short story or just a random post about whatever. This thought came to my mind and I thought I would share it here. When I come to a site like this I check out the posts. Mainly the title catches my eye and then I will start reading it. Not all posts hold my interest, as I am sure not all my posts will hold others interests.

But I find that it is all a random act. It all depends on the mood we are in at the moment we log in to any given site. So a post that might seem interesting today might not be what I am looking to read tomorrow, or even 10 minutes from now. So it is all random. That’s how I see it. I don’t think it is a fully conscious choice to just pick a post to read. I think it is a random consciousness that selects what we will be reading at one particular moment. Maybe that is just me, maybe I am wired that way. I don’t know. But I feel others are the same way.

In the grand scheme of things, does it matter how we select a post to read? I doubt it. Now what I am talking about here is more of a leisure thing. it’s not the same if we were searching for a particular topic for a certain purpose. That is deliberate. So, in our spare time coming here or any site, we basically scope the site and randomly select something to read. Like a trigger inside our heads. Then the conscious bell goes off and it says, “yeah, read that one.”

Take this post for instance. Does this have any real subject matter that really means something to someone? Probably not. But who knows. Someone might decided that this is something they find interesting and want to read. Then maybe respond to. Like a roulette wheel what spins, we don’t know where that little metal ball is going to land. And if that little metal balls happens to land on my post, well then I feel lucky.

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    • Well, I have had some bad times since. I had a heart attack back in October of 2018. I have been dealing with my health issues ever since. I neglected most of my online interests really. I have just recently started back with MyLot and I just popped in here today. Do I want to do more? Yes. I am just taking my time. Little by little. So, to answer your question, have I progressed since writing this? No. But hopefully I can. I plan on writing online as well as offline. By hand in journals. Some of my interests have changed. Not much though. I hope this answers everything for you.

  1. well don’t be too hard on yourself for not being here cause I’ve kinda of slacked
    myself a bit with everything I’ve had going on that I just made a post about it all.

    But it’s good to hear your coming back cause you know we’re almost on every
    site together, I need to take time for the other site I’m on too but right now I’ve
    got so much going on I barely have the time to get these 2 done everyday. :>{

    I did get A LOT done though I can say that, like get my 50$ on mylot 6-8 mos
    when I started it, now I’m just waiting to get paid so I can pay a bill with it :>{

  2. If it could be edited, it would edit my previous comment, but since it can not be, then I correct with another comment what I said before. It was not the title that caught my attention but your username, which is what is repeated, the publication was what I chose at random, then I realized that the title is Random Awareness

    • Oh, cool. Yeah, I had that user name for a long time now. I got the name from a band my cousin was in way back in the late 60’s. I liked it so I used it and added my favorite number to it.

  3. Okay, I think that’s how it works in some way. In these moments I dedicate a leisure time to visit user by user and I choose a publication of each to read and comment. I came to your profile, I was attracted to this title that is repeated, I opened it, whatever it is, I read it, I liked it and here is my comment. Interesting publication I congratulate you.

  4. your right we have a choice or a thought or as you put it a bell
    that goes off & hits us to read something that OTHER WISE is
    not that important or interesting but AT THE TIME it is.
    I know there’s been times I’ve hit something on a site & if I
    don’t like the 1st few lines or get something out of it then ?
    I move on to something else to read if I can find it that is.

    • Exactly. Thanks for this comment, really. I know I haven’t been here in a long while now. I had things to do outside of the internet. So I was busy. And besides that, I was chillin’ with some good rock music I found through Youtube. I will give this site another shot.


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