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Reeds ~ 365 Photos Challenge #161

Do you see the difference between the reed and the grass behind it? Do you see the difference between the reed flowers and the sky? Which is higher between the two? Does the sky really exist? Are the reeds really there?

Haaa… What kind of stupid question is that?

It’s stupid, but, have you ever stopped thinking altogether while you awake?

In the previous post, I have been a little relaying my activities in Jogjakarta yesterday. After the activity was completed, some of the participants approached us. We only talk lightly until someone asks about enlightenment. Ahh… it will be a hard moment… Right before I answered his question, the other participants with a special tone asking, “Have you experienced enlightenment? And will this program help me and us all to experience enlightenment?”

There are some people who behave differently during the session, and this person is one of them. I know that he is one of the senior executives in the company, the position is also visible from his fancy appearance.

“When someone is fascinated with gold and diamonds, he will not turn to see the heaven,” I answered his question with a smile.

“Do you see the difference between you and this gentleman?” Asked me to the first questioner. He nodded his head reluctantly to compare himself to the senior executive.

“What about you, sir? Do you agree with his answer? Do you see the difference?

“Of course!” She answered firmly and very confidently.

“Then what are your similarities with your manager here?” I kept repeating the same question or intercepting it with some other unreasonable question, then again repeating the question, until he ran out of words.

“I can not think anymore, there’s nothing I can answer.” As he said that, I pat the back of his hand so he was startled, and gawked for a moment. I’m sure for a moment, he was cut off from his logical and rational logical thinking chain and felt his original intuitive nature.

The above question is a question almost identical to my question on the conversation. The point is, if you want to experience enlightenment, stop thinking as often as possible to intuitively look into our own essence. We can do all forms of meditation and ritual, but if not able to touch intuitive understanding, it will only be a useless action. All that needs to be done is to let go of it and to be completely natural.

No human effort can be attained to attain spiritual enlightenment, except to remove all logical and rational thoughts, and then wait for the moment of inner enlightenment.

Inner enlightenment is to look inward and intuitively recognize the nature of itself. And because the essence of the self and the essence of all that exists is the same, then seeing the nature of self also sees the essence of all that exists, including the reeds, the grass, and the sky.

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 161


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  1. Sometimes I think something in my head is wrong. Either I or the others because they tell me I have to go down to Earth. So I can see real people and things. And I always see only goodness in people and beauty in nature.

  2. Amazing lecture Albert…. “All that needs to be done is to let go of it and to be completely natural.”
    You are so right and this is difficult to do, but as I always say, I am a work in progress.

    …”seeing the nature of self also sees the essence of all that exists, including the reeds, the grass, and the sky.”
    Powerful words you have shared. Sometimes I do think I see things that are actually a figment of my imagination. Perhaps it is.


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