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I’m Ready for Virily Challenge

It’s been quite some time since I came onboard Virily. I have been studying how the site is and what it entails. To my surprise, it’s has been fun so far. I bet you guys will agree with me that virily is fun and friendly!

Electricity has always been a hindrance to me working online. I finally found a way of cupping with the electricity problem when working online.

I’m a Nigerian if you are wondering where I come from. The general concept about the workings of Virily is fun for me and I think I’m ready for the challenge that I may face here.

I am only starting with Virily, yet it seems I have been here ages ago. The activities, the people & site design makes navigation, comprehension and the flow of information simple!

Life is full of challenges, obstacles and stumbling blocks. Having known all these, I am convinced that success is no accident, its hard work. Although we also need to work smart, during the work, let’s us all learn, preserver and make some sacrifices to achieve our set goals.

But wait, above all, we should learn to love what we do!

Now it’s time for a new chapter in my life. To add a new site that I would work every day, it is my idea of the challenge.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record of some sort, but I believe in making friends all over the world. Thus far, I have made a friend, the one person that invited me to join Virily. Sharon-Lopez, thanks.

It is now time to face the challenge and conquer it.


What do you think?

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Written by Docxdrl


  1. I echo the warm welcome from fellow writers here. I hope you guys in Nigeria are not reliant of power from South-Africa, (my home) because Escom the once, flourishing power supplier of many sub-Saharan countries, is bankrupt to the tune of billions of Rands! We suffer with you in unison. When the lights are off, they call it “Load-shedding”, Lol.

  2. Welcome to Virily! ?
    I’m looking forward your posts. Do you have a niche you’d like to write about, or just plan to go with the flow? I’d like to know more about your place/country. ?

    • I’m the kind of guy that ready more about how to make money online and an aspiring writer and blog owner, so it seems i have a niche and a like to know more about almost everything i can

  3. Humm, I think I commented on another post. It’s so fun getting mixed up in life. Anyway, welcome. I truly hope you enjoy your time here and find many friends or at least friendly people!

  4. Wow! That was a lively and enthusiastic opening! I’m happy to see you here. Though, it is sad to know that you are having issues with electricity. Yes, we all face problems and issues of different kinds. But that shouldn’t be a reason for us to give up on our dreams.

    Welcome to Virily and I wish for your success in your career.