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How & When did you discover Virily?

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Good morning everybody! I thought we could all share our first introduction with and if there will be many responses I will happily create statistics and share them with you..!At the moment there are 1723 members as per Virily (For you who might not know, you can find the users at

I have first seen Virily in Twitter about a month ago, as their account followed a twitter account that I am handling. It was then I decided to start doing what I have always enjoyed.. writing : ) Looking forward to receiving your comments!


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Written by katerinaramm


  1. I discovered this site via Janice’s and decided to try it out. I’ve never written quizzes before, but once I learned how to on virily I am hooked! I’ve put my writing aside and drumming up ideas for these quizzes, always attempting to come up with something unique. The response from members has been wonderful and appreciate their comments and support on here. I am a former niume (person!) writer also. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. I must have first heard of Virily in June because that’s when I joined and promptly forgot about it. I rediscovered it after Niume collapsed and died and my Niume friends all seemed to join. When I followed a friend’s referral link to join recently, I discovered I had already joined in June. So I began to post.

    • Thank you for your reply Roberto,
      I have just followed you.
      I am not so sure about HubPages, I have seen that they do not write so often, so I have decided not to join .. Have you joined them?

  3. Hi Katerina, this is an interesting question, and I’m enjoying reading everyone’s answers. In June I was looking for a site where I could post quizzes, and I was introduced to Virily by my friend Kim Johnson, whom I know since Tsu days. I’m very pleased with the platform. The community and the support team are very … supportive, and I’m having lots of fun 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your reply Norman, sorry for having not seen it before.
      It is surprising that you wanted to post quizzes and then you found Virily : )
      I had discovered playbuzz in the past, but did not have the time then to try it thoroughly.
      We are also having lots of fun with your quizzes, looking forward for more!
      See you soon online,

  4. I joined Virily after my fellow Niumers mentioned it in their blogs when Niume was still up. At that time, Niume announced that they will be discontinuing their revenue system and my fellow Niumers looked for another blogging revenue site to use, and they recommended Virily. I didn’t join at first, but I eventually created an account and after a week of not using it, I decided to give it a try. Now I enjoy posting on here. 🙂

  5. I joined four months ago as well. I was on another site that went to pet pictures only, then went out of business. Glad I found Virily, I wish it much success. The staff here are wonderful, easy site to use. Welcome!