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The Smell Of Our Childhood

Once upon a time, there were children who knew how to play on the street. The only thing they needed was each other. Some toy was preferable, but not necessary. Because, they had each other. Siblings and cousins, neighbors and friends, all sort of people available at every moment in life. And that life was rich….

For the short time I was the only child, my best friend was a dog. And a cat. And a bunch of pigeons. But, it was a short period, less than two years. A person can tell little about herself/himself at that time, I suppose. The only certain thing was that I really loved animals. And that remain the only constant through my life.

My days as the only child have gone in the glance of an eye, when my sister was born and two years after, we got a baby brother. Meanwhile, my aunt got married and gave birth to a chubby girl. In English, that’s a cousin, but in Serbian, that’s sister, too. We recognize only brothers and sisters (from aunts and uncles) as the nearest kin.

And that was it – our little gang was complete! No one of us were alone both in good and, well….. not that good actions.

Like, when we moved the whole tomato greens from the place our granny planted them.

That was educational- we’ve learnt that:

1. tomatoes are very resilient plants and

2. we should never interfere in businesses of grown-ups.

Still, most of the time we were pretty bearable, minding our business and playing our games. Mostly outside.

Even when we had to be in the house, we were never bored. Besides board games and reading (!), we used to perform concerts and comedy plays. Our favorite genre were comedies and by the time, we became quite skillful on that.

Our parents and grandparents used to reward our effort (or payed our silence) by sweets or some money. No wonder we had performances every evening. 😀

I assume that childhood was gone by the wind. Today’s kids barely lift they eyes from mobiles, or laptops. And I don’t blame only technology. We are not so joyful and careless, as our parent were. They use every moment to celebrate something and to be with friends and families. Now I understand that they celebrated life the way it was. We haven’t invented problems, lack of money, economy crises, and other bad things that happen in life. Our parents had these problems, too. Still, they were happier than we are today.

A wise man said: what your thoughts are alike, that’s what your life’s alike. And everything is said in that one sentence….


What do you think?

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  1. I had no many photos, but borrow them from my family members, scanned and treasure them. It’s because I tried to make a family tree, on the I said “try” because I’m still struggling with some unknown ancestors.

  2. It is a different world. If we consider what was, it always comprises what will be. Was becomes will be and that is the path.

    We were outside as children. People disappeared and we didn’t really notice as much. Now, it is all over the national news. The change is signficant.

  3. Looking back at the childhood years is the best memories I have. Being a child was a gift that every adult had, care nothing to almost everything but on how to escape in the afternoon nap and just being scolded for being lazy to go to school.Lol! Reminiscing those memories makes me feel nostalgic as of this moment

  4. I was in this kind of childhood too! And I wrote the same observation as you did in a guest post I did for a blogger-pal. He asked me to write how change affects today’s family. And yes, that difference in childhood alone is a huge, glaring fact. Love this and I envy that you still have photos.

  5. The times and changes that follow always have two sides indeed. Perhaps the same one is about touch; we used to touch the hands of relatives and friends in our childhood, now we touch the button or touchscreen. My current failure is less sure to make sure you are a girl with braided hair on the left! I think that’s what match with said of the wise man. Ha! Anyway, you have a beautiful childhood, Zaklina.

  6. What great memories from your childhood. I was the youngest and now it is only me left. ut I also have great memories. Thankful you have these old photographs, they are priceless.

  7. This time of our childhood was a golden moment. I wonder if my grandchildren are now my childhood if they will enjoy it. I am grateful to my daughter-in-law for giving her the tablets only on Saturdays and Sundays. And for being in the park every night, to play with the other kids.