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Seven easy ways to increase your self-confidence

You must have experienced situations when you did follow your dreams and acted just like you wished. However, in most of the cases we fail to do so, so we need more self-confidence in order to keep going towards our dreams. There does not exist a magic drink, however I have 7 easy tips that will help you in every case!

1. Be aware of your fears

In most of the cases the fear is our biggest enemy and an obstacle to reach what we dream of. Regardless if it is a fear of failure or fear of rejection, it is really important to be aware at the very moment you feel that fear that prevents you to keep on moving towards your goal. The moment you become aware of it already helps you to overcome it.

2. Be aware of your body language

The researches show that the way you present yourself influences the way we present ourself in front of the others. For example if you cross your hands instead of letting them fall down naturally can change the overall feeling you have during a conversation. This simple yet useful change can make you feel more confident when facing others. 

3. Listen more, talk less

If you feel like you lack confidence in what you are doing, then listen more and talk less. That’s how you inform yourself better and become more able to do whatever, even when you don’t feel that way at the moment. 

4. Don’t take everything so personally

The more you bother yourself, the worse you feel. Instead, step back, relax and know that you don’t have to do anything! Regardless on the obligations you have, it is more important to feel comfortable in your own skin in order to do the things the right way.

5. Face the smaller fears first

You must have been told that in order to face big problems you have to go step by step. That’s why it is more than recommendable to face smaller and less important problems first. That’s the right way to increase and build your self-confidence. 

6. Practice positive thoughts

The simple fact of thinking and believing that you are able to achieve something is already a big step. That’s how the self-confidence increases. Your thoughts are under your power, that’s why make sure you control them when you need it most.

7. Don’t over judge yourself

We all make mistakes and they are inevitable part of our lives. Do not punish yourself. Instead, accept yourself just as you are as no one is perfect and take a break. Moreover, not even the most successful people reach the top before failing at least ten times. 


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