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Early mornings

I started to appreciate the mornings more.

Get up early, when a cup of coffee becomes not only a morning habit, but also a pleasure and some inspiration. I like that state when I feel vibrant. Yes, often work may not allow us to enjoy long sleep, but what if we spent more time for our mind’s rest?

The greatest heaviness, fatigue, and anything possible revolves in our minds. Fear. Jealousy. Dissatisfaction. And what if all these factors change? To courage. Love for yourself. Confidence. Determination and not being afraid to change something. Today, if I’m behaving differently than before, that doesn’t mean I’m behaving badly.

Fear of being “naked” in front of the people closest to you should never stop. If they don’t understand you, maybe fate will bring you together with people who will support you.

But the greatest moment of truth is in front of you, when you realize that most important thing is to stay true to yourself. It not worth to be the way others want to see you, talk and act the way others want you to behave.

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