‘Being Me’ is to be who I am -the best thing in my life. I am unique and don’t let anyone change who I am or to decide who I should become. I need not try and impress anyone. I say NO to conformity and follow my inner compass. My mind Journal is a collection of, “being me” thoughts, Self-love Quotes, inspirational, proverbs, wise, and humorous sayings that embrace and reflect the sense of being my true self. I let others’ experiences and wisdom inspire and motivate me daily, especially when I need it the most to find inner peace and wander towards meaningful success.


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  1. That’s well said, and I believe that this is the way that you are really striving to live your life, as we should all emulate too.

    There are some people though, that this approach, can lead them to having a big-headed pride in themselves, if they are not careful too, though.

    This type of a person will make their life instead such a self-centered type of approach to life that they are then only living from one side of life, their own side, when we should perhaps try to live from /see from, other sides of life, sometimes too, ( as you said too).

    While it is right that we should be our own true, real self, this true real self only exists in a world together with other true and real selves too, and so, living a life requires interaction and allowing others to be themselves too, (as you also said) and getting on with others is being flexibly alive enough to do this, and to not try to overshadow others, with our own great light, which really is only ever great for our own self to see by, as nobody else can see everything from our light, but only get rough ideas (or inspiration and motivation, as you said too) of it, from it.


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