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If someone had said a month ago that the borders of countries would close and the global world would instantly turn to countries from which people used to run from searching for better lives – their native countries, their homes, their own people – you would have believed it? That we need to  buy native goods to keep our business up?

If I were away, my eyes would also turn to Lithuanian news, where the numbers still are cozy and small, comparatively? And most importantly, a lot of people are going to come back! But why?

After all, we are constantly watching photos from warm distant coasts, powerful capitals, where it’s warmer, more fun, more…! After all, we hear – the world is big and we are too small, too poor, too cold nation. How many times I was criticized me for always saying that melting in the cauldron of the nations of the world is nonsense – everyone is looking at themselves at the crucial moment and their eyes are on their land, their loved ones. Many laughed because “it is not the Middle Ages” because “there is a progress”. Just it looks, progress is a capability not to lose what you had in your searches for innovation.

I know, I would have returned too. I would have just flown to my mom, my family, my children, my home. I am so happy that was wise enough to stay at home even if we already had tickets to a distance Vietnam… World was closed just after few days we decided to stay at home…

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