How To Start From Scratch Again

How does one escape the trap, of lacking even the most basic motivational discipline?

The tips, instructions, videos, books on discipline, motivation, and everything needed as part of self-improvement, abound. Most of which boil down to the same basic concepts. But for most people who lack discipline, they are just useless, even if they are correct.

The lack of such personal skills is usually not a lack of knowledge, but faulty emotions, habits, thought patterns, and behaviors. They can only be changed by manipulation, or by training, making a schedule, and starting, over and over again.

Many tips stress that: “You have to start yourself”, “only you can do it”, “get over yourself”, “kick your own ass”. That, unfortunately, is not possible and would require at least a moderate level of discipline being present. Even if somebody actually starts something, it will be far from sufficient for changing the inherent faulty trait, and the person usually gives up quickly.

The initial structure for starting self-improvement must come from outside. Be it a coach, a helpful friend or spouse, hypnotist, or medicines. There must be somebody who can intervene or someone introducing a training program, makes the person train at regular times by offering incentives or rewards, all of which, aimed at preventing the participant from giving up. It must be sustainable for months, even years, if need be or until maybe the person has achieved some basic self-discipline, to continue self- improvement.

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  1. I agree with you and I have a problem of my own. I have never been worried about going to stores or walking or anything like that. Now I have been indoors for so long and faced with having to go out tomorrow and I don’t know if I can do it. I am a person that has had anxiety and nervous problems,

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