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Salem Farmers Market

Near the  center  of Salem is a two block square of stores  and outdoor kiosks where people can walk around and shop. No motor vehicle are permitted here,but there is ample parking in the public lot near by and the adjacent East India Mall Garage.

From June to October this area hosts the North Shore’s best local farmers’ market-plenty of fresh fruit and veggies are sold here, along with local merchants selling organic products. On certain  days there is live DJ music spinning. Colorful local characters pass by the market heading down to the  bars, local street artists entertain children, and community groups staff information tables distributing health & safety information, free bicycle helmets, samples of sunblock & other summer healthcare products. The air is festive on Farmer’s Market Day in the Witch City.


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  1. Farmers markets are always fun. We have some wonderful markets in Montreal that are open every day, year-round. I do a lot of my shopping at the Atwater Market.

  2. We have a flea Market here but its really changed over the years. At one time it was people bringing stuff from home to sell. Now its become venders of Imported junk. Sad. We do still visit but now its for the Produce sellers and such.