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Wander project Severn River Annapolis Part II

Wandering the Severn River was a blast. We went about six miles or so up river from the Naval Academy before the ship turned around and headed back to City Dock. City Dock is party central in Annapolis. I cannot tell you how many boats were parked along the dock (at least 40), but I can tell you that more than ½ of them had people sitting, watching and all of the people were drinking and relaxed. City Dock is the see and be seen an area of Downtown Annapolis. We heard as we pulled back into port about a number of the other cruises that they offer. A couple of them I suspect we will recreate in our boat for ourselves. We don’t have a full bar on board our boat, plus captaining a boat and drinking is a huge no-no. But we do have lots of waters to drink and a nice canopy overhead so that the sun doesn’t shine on us directly. We also have better music than the did on the Severn River tour. SiriusXM makes all the difference when it comes to music. The last few pictures in this collection are from the exit area. The cruise starts at the very end of City Dock, so there is a lot of things to see, just getting to the cruise location. Walking out I noticed the nice flower arrangements hanging from the lamp post overhead. I captured a couple of images of the flowers. We wandered past some boats with people relaxing and sipping wine. There were a couple of boats where the party was in full swing already, but for the most part, it was a pretty chilled atmosphere!


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Written by DocAndersen

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