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Not famous ~ 365 Photos Challenge #217

Not famous, but this flower has its own beauty. The aroma is weak, there is but does not invite the sense of smell like other popular flowers. And if this morning the smell smells so fragrant and evokes a strong sense of awe, is this a dream? Or just an illusion? I have no idea.

Somehow, it brought my eyes to see palm leaves and bamboo dancing by the wind, until I felt an invitation to join in with them and forget the others. The dancing of silence stopped for a moment by the roar of two fighting cats but then seeing the cat’s tongue licking on his body and on the wounded part also drew intuition of spontaneity to enjoy the silence that licked my body.

Often things say clearly that reality and the world are just an illusion of my mind. Everything in life has its own beauty. Then from where and how to bring the ability to see all the beauty as it is? How to enjoy the beauty of pulling grass, watering plants, or just dredge the soil?

Ah, I know. The flower has indeed called me and has given me a blank space without thought, without reason, logic and judgment or consideration. As a means of sexual reproduction, this flower has borne fruit in my consciousness. There is, but nothing, as the flower did not exist before, and will soon be gone. Everything comes from emptiness. As I let go of the belief in the forms visible to the eye, I will arrive in its original state. And because everything appears and ends in nothingness, then the concept of the original state is also temporary.

What do you think?

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