Judge ~ 365 Photos Challenge #208

No matter on status, blood relation, social class, education level, religious knowledge, faith (?), with strong or weak power, one of our dominant tendencies, this human being, is judgmental, sentence or condemn. Even worse is when the uniform view of a group is instigated by the personal ego, the group ego, or the ism’s ego to judge and execute another person or group of people.

After a little we learn something, then know something, we then feel to be the absolute truth-owner and can be a great calculator to calculate the errors and truths of others. Somehow cultural, religious, humanitarian, legal, political, social, scientific and technological, management, even sportivities to be linked or parsed which must end with “I am right, we are right, and you and you are wrong!”, Consequences and the extension of the next story we must have known together, because there are everywhere, include ‘iniside here’.

If we reflect it deeply, is such behavior really true or false? If we answer this, then our answer are judgement as well, right? This view can be judgmental if we say wrong, or otherwise defend the wrong if we say true. Without blaming or justifying, since ancient times this tendency has become our genetic factor, carried away and will continue to be passed on through our teachings, our exemplary, our habits and our DNA, even though that does not mean that no one has escaped genetic inheritance and that culture.

If only we were able to mobilize all our willingness, courage, gratitude and logic, wisdom and motivation to penetrate the universal true truth, that is, the “why and for what?” Essential reason that the state exists and is available within the mind’s skin, in the midst of life and around us, maybe in the end we will be able to smile to understand and then to behave wisely upon that strong tendency, especially toward ourselves with the clear and wise as a glorified creature, who said as being with the same image with Him.


What do you think?


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  1. I agree that sometimes its the “set known” that gave us this “righteous” feeling. Like what the law defines as “bad” – killing, stealing, lying… and it is even told to us that we should “report” such actions …

    I don’t like being judged … but we all judge others (Ironic) – we observe them cautiously before we decide to engage with them. We see their dress-code to decide if they’re “professional”… blah

    “Eventually we humans are very good at making ourselves feel at ease” (Kevin Tsai said in a debate variety show) … aka finding excuses lol

    • Wow! The more I exchange opinions with you, the more I see your wisdom, my friend!

      I think we can realize that the habit of judging everything is something that is taught and uploaded since we were babies, and it requires a courage, a will and a determination to see things as they are.

  2. I agree, it is human nature to judge others’ actions and words. We are all guilty. However we learn in life, hopefully, to keep those judgements to ourselves. Never speak the words. Once they are spoken, they can never be taken back. Allow yourself to think the thoughts, but pause before you speak the words.

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