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Home Decor, Part 2

In this collection of Outdoor Living Space Models,

Reflections on a Spring Soiree room reminded me of a downtown apartment in a big city, like NYC or LA, because of the modern furniture with shiny silver chrome, which gives it a sophisticated and urban appearance.

Art and Leisure room looks like a vegan artist’s home because of the geometric shapes, natural colors, and natural textures, which looks very raw and artsy.

Enchanted Mushroom Garden room looks like a kid’s fantasy playroom, surrounded by large and colorful mushrooms and a mushroom-shaped tent. This would be cute for a kid’s bedroom, especially if the bedroom walls were also painted in some enchanted jungle or fantasy wonderland theme.

Taking a Break room looks like a relaxing safari tent, perfect for a Glamping retreat in your own backyard. And, if you have a pool and Jacuzzi, then you can create your own staycation.

Freshness of Spring room looks very rustic, but more like an animal sanctuary, which would be perfect if you have lots of cute pets.

Industrial Modern Everyday Venue room has an urban style, but more like a bachelor pad, especially on the coast with an ocean view.

The Coastal Luxury room looks like a room inside a beach house, or maybe inside of a yacht.

Garden Party Gathering room could be your comfy family room, where the whole family gathers together to watch a movie or play a game.

Midcentury Room and Bloom looks like it could be for a nice bedroom with a big balcony. A couple might enjoy lots of romantic evenings in this sexy environment.

This short video is just a bird’s eye view of these living space models, in which I took from the second floor of the mall. You get a better idea and view of the overall layout for each model, which is interesting as well as it can help you figure out how you would like to reorganize your rooms and/or backyard.


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