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LaJenna Needs Uplifting

Many of my followers know I have been concerned about a certain situation. The situation had been getting better, but now stress is beating on my back door. I am trying to remain strong and tell myself what will be will be, but this situation directly can smash my spirit.

The photo I have chosen really spells out my fears. The situation has to do with lack of control loneliness,panic, negativity, worry, tension, frustration, depression, and almost every other word on this photo. This is about someone close to our family. How I handle it will make me full of hope or despair.

Just need a pep talk from my Virily family. many of you have helped me smile in the face of my fears in my life, that has been around me lately.

Thank you one and all.


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  1. This may seem weird but it may or may not help. Some years back when I was dealing with what for me might have been unbearable was not to everyone else. A colleague gave me this advise a few times and I quote “the best way to deal with a problem is not to deal with it at all”.
    Only years later did I really understand what it should have meant for me.
    One needs a healthy heart and mind to help the next person.

  2. I have no great advice. I just know that somehow there will be something that touches you. For me it was a simple quote. “Life is a shipwreck, we must remember to sing in the life boats.” Quotes send me in a different direction even if it is only a few minutes.

  3. The first important and urgent suggestion from me is to look at photos from Fun Image Challenge belong to my friend where she and her family wear unique glasses. Second suggestion, take an eraser and start erasing the words from the picture one by one while laughing out loud.

    You may ask another suggestion if you need it, freely, no bill.

  4. I agree with Elena.
    Focus on the possibility to solve the problem and that things will get better soon, and you will feel better.

    You’ve been through and overcome some much in life, I’m sure you can overcome this.
    Just let yourself have a good rest and take your mind off the situation for a while, maybe you can have another perspective of it.

  5. There’s a solution for everything!! Do not ever focus on the problem! Focus on the possibilities to solve it and you will find more than one! Being through a bad period of your life is totally normal. We’ve all experienced it at least once! Therefore, you are not alone! Just remember that everything happens for a reason! Stay strong, whatever it is! Mush love from Madrid!

  6. Things will get better my friend. The things we cannot change are always the ones that hit us the hardest. But seek peace in knowing there is nothing else you can do, you have done all you can do, now you deserve peace and happiness. Take a step back away from the situation. Take deep breaths. Things will work out. Hugs to you.

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