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Here Are My Tips On What To Do To Keep Your Posts Getting Noticed at Virily

Being a blogger is not just sharing your thoughts, ideas, or any latest information you want to disperse all over the net prior to your blogging site, but you need also to consider some few advice in order for you to have your posts getting noticed and be viewed by millions of viewers from around the world accessible to cyber system.

I’ve been to Hubpages, Bubblews, Rabadaba, Tuetego, Niume and even Steemit, but I just found out that I’m not doing well from those blogging platforms. The next thing I know when I migrated here to Virily is that I’m doing good here at top 5 spot for now, but I used to be at second spot, I just paused for blogging for almost a month when I went for my vacay at my home country after I had my vacation leave from my work here at Mid East. One reason is that I want to totally unwind from any works and enjoy my 30-day vacay.

So I have some few tips here for you guys to share with, that I have proven myself effective.

So are you ready for these guys?

If you are, scroll down this page and have fun reading my tips on meme format.

Hope these tips will be as effective as what I have told you too.

Note: I allowed open submission so that you guys can share your tips too.

#1 Learn from the Basic

Tip 1: Get to Know the Basic System to Earn Viril Points through your Posts.

Firstly, be self-oriented about the blogging platform Virily and how its system works. 

You should read guidelines on how to acquire viril points and how the viril-point system works.

You should be wise enough which type of post creation can give you higher chance of earning fast viril points.

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#2 One Way of Introducing Virily is to Introduce Your Referral Link!

TIP 2: Share Your Referral Link Everytime You Post.

One way of having your posts getting noticed is to share your referral link so that viewers can access Virily as well as your profile to let them see how you actively doing at this blogging platform.

It will also show how legit is Virily thru your referral link. It will make them curious and will be able to explore the system how it works.

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#3 To Follow Everyone Means You Are Interested With Their Ongoing Activities on the System

Tip 3: Follow all Members and Be More Friendly and Hospitable Especially to the Newly Ones.

For me, being friendly and more attached to the family circle of Virily is to follow all members especially those who are newly registered Virilyans. Inasmuch, they need to be guided and they seek your help on how the system works, and in return if you have helped them, they won't forget you and they'll love to see your works too by viewing your posts.

As for all members, following them all is also to extend the bonds and updates on each other everytime you have done certain activities. In that way, interactive communication is much more possible within this blogging platform.

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#4 Share Your Posts to Any Social Media You Know

Tip 4: Share Your Posts to Other Social Media to Create Traffic.

One way of creating lots of traffic for your posts is to have patience on sharing them to other social media platforms.

This is one of my best key player moves to create traffic on my posts.

Before, I used to share my posts on Flipboard, Reddit, WordPress, and even Youtube by posting my posts on comments, but it seems like sometimes it takes a lot of time, especially the first three needs you to fully write your content.

Right now, I'm only sending traffics to Facebook basically, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+.

In Facebook, you can try to join community or look for a blogging group to share your latest posts. Just be careful of spamming, Facebook moderators are keen to sending spams, so much better send your posts one at a time or have some time interval when sharing, coz they will suspend your account for a week or more if they will detect your spamming activity.

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#5 Hashtags Are Your Friends for Online Fame

Tip 5: Learn to Tag Your Posts Correctly and Appropriate to Your Topic.

Hashtags are your partners for creating traffic, so always learn to have correct hashtags on your posts, so that viewers who are interested on certain topics that were being tagged will be notified and be seen on their search using their web browsers.

If that certain viewer likes your topic, then he/she might be interested in your work and may follow you and even create account on Virily too to share his/her knowledge regarding the topics he/she likes. If that happens, you both can be best of partners at Virily.

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#6 Trending Topic Might Be Your Break!

Tip 6. Post Any Topics That Are Trending Today.

Learn to be observant on the latest happenings around the world, or get attached to the latest holiday that's happening today. Say for example, Christmas is what we are celebrating for now, many viewers are hungry for this topic and they will search anything about Christmas, and if that post of yours happened to be on the catch and they like it, then it's you who will have the privilege to get lots of views.

They might retweet your posts in Twitter, share them at their Facebook account, or even share them at their own Facebook pages or groups. And if that viewer is also a blogger and has his/her own website and have many followers, then you'll get the best of lucks for today.

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#7 Payment Proof is the Greatest Key Player to Refer Friends and New Recruits

Tip 7: Share Your Payment Proof as an Evidence That Virily is All Valid and Legal.

Payment proofs are one of the certified documents that will make them more curious and be interested in joining our blogging platform. They'll ask for it and how you do it, and if they are looking for freelance and that's it you just got a good catch.

This picture was my first payment from Virily and I was glad it appears on my search at Google browser.

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#8 Sharing Exclusive Event from Virily Will Make Viewers Peep Through Us and Be More Curious to Join

Tip 8: Share the Latest Event from Virily Through Your Post so that Viewers Will Get Curious What's Happening Exclusively.

This is one of the latest happening during the month of December 2017 at Virily, it's all about Christmas contest and I did happen to win in this contest last 25th of December.

With this post you can open doors of opportunity to others who might be interested in joining us. They will tell you that the blogsite you have joined is very rewarding to their bloggers that they even organize a contest for prize and rewards. In that case, they will be more curious and maybe have the guts to join with us.

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#9 Get to Know 5Ws (What, Who, Where, When, Why) and 2Hs (How Much & How Many)

Tip 9: Create Headline Titles That Are Challenging to the Readers

First and foremost the very basic on how to attract readers and lots of traffic from your viewers is how to create titles that need them to be more challenged and curious what's inside of that content you shared.

This is basically the elementary and basic foundation to get lots of traffic that I have learned when I joined a journalism seminar when I was in high school β€” get to know these 5 Ws and 2 Hs.

5 Ws are basically 5 words that supports a question that need answers, these are what, why, who, when, and where. For 2 Hs, these are how many and how much.

You can also try other headline titles without these 5 Ws and 2 Hs, just as long as they challenge the reader to explore on your content.

Headline titles that ask for a "yes" or "no" answer is also challenging to the reader.

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#10 Learn to Treat Them Right β€” the Copyrights

Tip 10: Respect Copyright Contents and All Other Sources to Avoid Infringement and Plagiarism by Disclaiming Them and Use Their URLs as Credits.

Always post your own original content. If you have sources, learn to reconstruct the sentence and use their links as credits.

If you try to share embedded videos from Youtube channels, try to copy their embedded code or URL links too. Same case to image sources too.

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  1. Super post with very useful detailed information!!! Didn’t use hashtags in my Virily posts earlier, want to start use them. Please, answer my question: what limit/quantitiy of hashtags should I use in order to not be interpreted as a spam? Read some articles about this problem, wish very much to know your opinion about it.

  2. lots of thanks Norman for reading my tips…I am grateful by your sweet words of appreciation…I just felt I need to share my ideas and tips to help other Virilyans too…Until I come up to this..Have a blast this New Year Norman…2017 is indeed a lucky year for all of us since I’ve joined Virily, my passion has been fulfilled and I am looking forward to Virily for the next coming years… πŸ™‚ Good luck to all of us πŸ™‚

    • lots of thanks Norman for reading my tips…I am grateful by your sweet words of appreciation…I just felt I need to share my ideas and tips to help other Virilyans too…Until I come up to this..Have a blast this New Year Norman…2017 is indeed a lucky year for all of us since I’ve joined Virily, my passion has been fulfilled and I am looking forward to Virily for the next coming years… ? Good luck to all of us…Cheers for the friendship here at Virily πŸ™‚

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