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Here’s A Proof That Virily Pays Its Bloggers

I joined Virily last May 29, 2017 as the 70th member. I was invited by lucia anna from another blogging platform named Niume, who just happened to discontinue their payment system. I used to blog at Niume for a week, and then I got paid for $8 as my accumulated amount for final payment to one of their bloggers. I was disappointed and seems like falling down from another blogging platform, but thanks to lucia, she seems like an angel who caught me at my downfall. So I really thank lucia for inviting me here, and it really made me no regrets to be a part of a family circle here at Virily.

So I studied this new blogging platform and tried myself to get used of their system. At first, it’s hard for me to adapt to Virily since Niume has different styles of publishing and posting contents. But lately, I just noticed that Virily is far better from Niume coz at Virily, you can create quizzes which can sharpen your memory and harness your intelligence, personality quizzes which can relate to your psychological life, and most of all you can upload videos and feature them, as long as you have the embedded codes or video urls.

My first postΒ was on the same date I joined here at Virily. Until I found myself here interested in the system, I posted lots of blogs and quizzes and became more interactive. Until I came up to my 120th post that became the most trending topic or blog in the Trending list.

People have asked me before if Virily is a legit blog site that really pays. I answered them with a “yes” without any qualms or doubts. But there are other people who wants some proof, if they really pay, so I just told them everything about Virily and its the payment system. And now that I got my first payment, I can easily convinced them that indeed Virily really pays. But then, though they have seen my first payment, they asked me why is it you got paid too small. So I explained to them why and how. Nowadays, people really needs clarification and much better explanations regarding everything that they really need to know.

So I have told them why and how I got these small amounts of payment. And here are my reasons:

1. Earnings vary on the number of shares, views, and the strength of your blogs how they can attract viewers to read your articles.

2. My payment was based on my first post of May 29 and then the whole month of June.

3. I only work part time as a blogger.

So guys and fellow Virilyans, cheers to us all who made blogging as one of our passion. For me, though I got these small amounts of payment, I’m still grateful enough coz it’s still part of blessings in disguise, and we should be thankful for it. This is one of my passion and sharing my ideas, knowledge and other useful facts and information to everyone is my best way of upholding my own legacy. It’s not just in the payments I’m after or the small riches that I wanna cashed-out from Virily, but the number of smiles and laughter, and the useful and informative ideas whom I shared with to the world that everyone deserves to know.

So if someone ask you fellow Virilyans if Virily really pays, just show this blog and tell them,

“Here’s a proof that Virily pays its bloggers.”


What do you think?

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Written by Trafalgar Law


  1. Congratulation for your payment. It is always joyful when you work and you are rewarded for it. It due to circumstances that makes some people to always insist on payment proofs so that they won’t fall victims to scam

  2. I got one payment from another site. Requested a second payment. Several months later I can’t find the site. You don’t blame others who asked for PROOF! Thanks for sharing your experience. Quite frankly, I’m still not convinced. Already been psychologically conditioned to expect the worse. Just sayin’. Virily has to work their way through all of those other sites that have given sites like this a bad reputation. Know what I mean?

  3. That is great to know about your first payment. How did you get so many articles written here? I am still testing out the platform and waiting quite a while to see if the post is published. I would love to see some guidelines so that I can learn them about each type of post. Then I would be able to just keep writing, and not wait to see what happens. Very glad to get to know you better!

  4. Good to know that Virily pays, I hope to get soon to my first payout. I was on Niume too after Tsu and Rabadaba failed in their paying system.

  5. Congrats, already told you on instagram, but I thought I would mention it again. I can’t wait to get paid next month…I finally made it past the $10 amount.

  6. Congratulations! I like the term Virilyans. Something very Star Trek-ky about it. πŸ™‚

    Yes creating quizzes is lots of fun and we have a great community here. We would all like to earn more for our efforts but this is something that is not in our hands. We can only give our best and hope we get enough traffic to make it all worthwhile. But great place to make friends, increase knowledge and share great artwork, photography and creative skills.

    • Yeah indeed, it’s one of the best sites to gain a lot of friends as well gaining knowledge and useful informations that we could apply in our daily aspects of life…I just saw that name Virilyans before…I forgot on what blog, but I read that here in Virily, maybe he’s the one who coined that word. πŸ™‚

    • Thank u Gina…it can be optimized if you know how to access traffic sites…and if spent enough time to do it…anyway congrats to all of us here @ Virily, especially for those who have received their payments already… πŸ™‚