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3 Highly Overlooked it Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Traffic!  Traffic!! Traffic!!! That really is the key to online success and not content like a lot of people believe. You can write amazing content,  but if nobody is viewing it,  then your write-up isn’t worth much.

This is the plight of a lot of writers; they spend hours researching and writing a blog post, only to get a handful of views at best. So, how do you drive traffic to that amazing blog post you just wrote?

Here are three social networking sites you can get traffic from for free:


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms out there with 2.13 billion active monthly users. You can leverage on this statistic to drive traffic to your website or blog posts.

There are several ways you can achieve this:

a.Create a Facebook Page for your website, concentrate on building likes and getting people to notice it and the content you post.

b.Search out Facebook groups on similar interests with your niche,  join and get started sharing your links.

c.Make use of Facebook’s targetted advertising to reach your preferred audience.

Whichever method you do choose, please understand that consistency is the key to success in the platform.


With over 325 million active users on twitter, this platform works as one of the best channels for creating awareness for your brand or website. Twitter users send over 500 million tweets daily with about 23% of this producing results.

Here are some of the ways you can use twitter to promote your blog posts with good results.

a. Make use of hash tags. Creative your tweet and include trending hashtags related to your niche at the end. For instance if your blog post is in romance, you could include popular tags like #love #truelove , #romance,  #romancereaders , and#romances .

b.Promote your tweets. Promoters tweets boost sales and in this case,  it will bring in the much craved for traffic to your blog post.

3.Yahoo Answers

A lot of people are unaware of overlook the ability of this community website to give them the traffic they seek.

Here are two ways to use yahoo answers for traffic:

a. There are over 800,00 thousand questions asked daily on the site with millions of responses given.

You can search put questions related to your article, give your response and post a link to yours blog post as a source. However, you have to have a level 3 reputation and higher before you can post links in questions.

b. Post questions of your own. Post questions needing clarification an drop your link as a source where you got some information from.


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Written by Muobo


  1. face book is almost going to be a thing of the past with all the nonsense going on there
    you’d have better luck on a blog than anywhere else cause I have a blog & well either what
    I have on there isn’t important to anyone or they just not interested in going to blogs, cause
    I have not yet seen any REAL enthusiasm in action from people so I post stuff on my other
    site I work on which is MYLOT & I get a lot of good interaction from there than anywhere else.

    • Yea, I’m also on myloy and it is an amazing site. I like the fact that you have to interact on there to earn and even though this forces you to interact, with time you get used to people there and actually look forward to chatting with them.

      Also, concerning Facebook, I believe persistence is the watchwatch.I have used it a few times with fairly food results.

      I have a group there which I post to and though I get some traffic from there, I get more when I boost my posts. A whole lot more.

    • You’re right. It really is hard getting traffic to your blog, especially as a beginner. But once you become established in your niche, it becomes easier.