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Lemon plant Flowers

Some months  ago, my father-in-law brought a lemon was so little. I took care of lemon plant,but it was unhappy of kids mischief  and lake of  sunshine. The growth level of the plant was very low.So I thought that shifted this plant in old bucket on 2nd floor.

There was full of airy,shining  atmosphere. I gave it water and fertilize  on time.After some days,  I noticed that growth of the plant has been imroved.Now you can see the picture,  many lovely flowers  are blooming. I hope after some days I ‘ll  show you it’s fruits.

The message of the above story is that our kids are like  a plant.If we take care these plants according the moral values so they ‘ll  grow up  very well with lovely fruits. The fruits of hard working and success is very  sweet and delightful for us. It is our reward.Are you agree? Our kids are like plants.Share your opinion  with me. Be Happy  always. THANKS.

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  1. The flowers are certainly lovely! I have a lemon plant in my yard too, but I have never seen any flowers blooming. I agree that kids are like plants. I have also read that if the plant doesn’t grow well, we try to find out any solutions that help, but not to fix the plant itself. So when our kids don’t behave well, we shouldn’t really fix our kids, but gotta find out what made them behave that way and find a solution or make some changes.

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