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Did you know this about Hibiscus flowers?

Hibiscus blooms are actually saucer sized blooms. I enjoy my Hibiscus tree on my deck each year. It is always full of crimson colors blooms. Then I bring it in at the end of the summer. It blooms all yer long, even through the winter as long as it gets adequate light and water.

When the Hibiscus tree is outside the butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the large blooms. They never fail to catch my eye and my camera as well. I snapped this bloom while it was inside one winter day.

There are different varieties of Hibiscus. My favorite is the tropical crimson. Some years the blooms may change colors. I find this very interesting. Each hibiscus variety has its own genetics that determine what pigments, and what range of colors it can produce. However, within that range, temperature, sunlight, pH, and nutrition can all affect the levels of different pigments in a flower and what color they appear.

So far my crimson blooms remain crimson year after year. I have not changed anything with the soil, temperature or sunlight. I am sure that is why. Regardless of the variety you may choose, I highly recommend this beautiful tree to your garden or deck. You can also buy a smaller version and plant in your garden. Another bloom to leave you with before it starts to bloom. Enjoy!


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Written by Carol DM


  1. It’s Malaysia’s official flower. They come in various colours. Red being the most common. Then, there’s pink, white and slightly orangey. The last one is a genetically modified species.

  2. We used to play the hibiscus flower when we were young with my playmates. I didn’t know what it’s called in English until I read this?