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Do you know everything about beer?

The first written document, which mentions beer, dates back to the Sumerian times – the fourth century before the New Age. Sumerian beer was called Sikara.

Even at that time, the principle of beer production was based on the fermentation of barley. The inhabitants of Babylon continued this tradition. They grinded the barley of flour and made from it bread-shaped molds. This made it easier to transport them.

In order to make the beer, it was only necessary to crush this mold and immerse it in water to ensure long fermentation. The barley was one of the most common cereals, and each family made their beer according to a special recipe.

Gradually family production retreated to the professional. At the end of the eleventh century, beer began to add hops, and so we received the taste we know today.

There was a tradition in Babylon: in the first month after the wedding, the father of the bride grabbed a beer every day. The tradition required the groom to know he could change the beer, but not the woman.

From the moment people began to make beer, they discovered new and new healing properties. Ancient Sumerian healers prescribed to their patients a frown of their mouths and a drink of warm beer in a toothache.

In the Middle Ages, beer was used as a means of removing stones from the kidneys and treating physical and spiritual exhaustion. After a long walk, people rub their feet with beer.

Some doctors treated beer with respiratory diseases, and among women the beer was renowned for its rejuvenating properties if used on the skin.

During the cholera outbreak, some doctors thought beer was a medicine of the disease, as the bacilli died after a few hours of beer. Perhaps this is why cholera epidemics in Europe seldom have been sacrificed among breweries.

Among the most crazy laws on alcohol, is the law of Ames in the US state of Iowa. According to him, the man is not entitled to bed in a bed with a woman if he has drunk more than three sips of beer.

In the largest beerhouse in Matsushiro, Japan, customers are entitled to a free beer mug, but only if they are in the facility during a severe earthquake.

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