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How to Use Binder Clips to Organize Your Electronics

Charger cables and earbuds end up a tangled mess at our house. Does this happen to you too? Chargers are left plugged in with the cords dangling for everyone to trip on. Or the earbuds are tossed into a teen’s backpack, only to get squished under heavy books or tangled up in shoelaces. So many cords and earbuds are lost or broken this way. And that’s an expense nobody needs!

There are a ton of DIY hacks that use free or cheap supplies to organize your chargers and earbuds. But most of these take a bit of work to complete. You have to cut open shampoo bottles and smooth the edges. Or you need special supplies and tools to add snaps to a project. Or you need to be crafty to get a finished project that doesn’t look like your kindergartener made it in school!


Binder clips to the rescue!

Binder clips make a quick and easy earbud keeper

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Binder Clip Earbud and Cord Keeper

Binder clips make a quick and easy earbud keeper. Just wrap the cord around your hand, secure your earbuds with a clip, and pop into a pocket in your binder, purse, or backpack. This also works with charger cables or other cords you need to keep tidy for storage. You can even label the clips so you can quickly tell one cable from another.

Binder Clip Cord Holder

This binder clip life hack is great for your bedroom or home office, or even for a corner of your kitchen where you sometimes want to plug in portable devices for changing and use. Binder clips come in a variety of sizes and can be easily clamped onto a workspace, bedside table, or even your window blinds in order to keep cords in reach for those times when you need them.

A binder clip cord holder is perfect for seniors or people with reduced mobility because it keeps cords within reach and eliminates bending. Unlike some other DIY hacks, it doesn’t require any drilling or adhesives. So it’s great for renters and students living in dorm rooms. You can even use your binder clip cord catcher at work or while you’re traveling!

To make your cord catcher, simply slide the cord through the larger end of one or both of the loops in the binder clip, then pull it back towards the narrow end so the clip catches hold of the cable. If your cable has a thicker end to it, you can remove the metal loop from the body of the clip to insert the cable. Then just click it back into place. Now clamp your cord holder into place within reach of your workstation. You’re done!

If you have a bunch of these cord catchers, you may want to label them so it’s easier to tell them apart. Everyday Dishes offers a quick cord organizer tutorial with free printables for those who want to keep multiple cords looking great at your workstation.

Need more help with this DIY project? Check out the video below!


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