Simple tips how to turn the bedroom into the luxury space

Recently you moved to a new home and dreamed of a bedroom that sparkles a cozy luxury effect. If you want to save money at the same time, these practical tips will help you.

Not only do you sleep in the bedroom, but also regain the strength of the day, so you need to take care of the environment. Fortunately, there is no need to buy new furniture or fabrics to create a luxurious impression – it is enough to know some of the principles used by both interior designers and hotel decorators.

A proper color scheme is the first step towards a stylish room.

We know that color is one of the most important interior attributes. And what kind of color gamut is suitable for the bedroom?

Shades of precious stones Shades of precious gemstones will give your bedroom a hint of decadence. Paint the walls with mat paint to create a mild effect, or refresh the night table and chair with glossy paint – these things instantly become the space accents attracting attention.

Midnight blueLet the night sky inspire you – paint the walls in a dark blue color, creating a gloomy and mysterious, but at the same time a cozy and charming atmosphere. The interior of this color is perfectly matched with mirror furniture, as it reflects light and creates the impression of a mystical luxury.

Refined silverWith blight silver tones you will create an elegant, solid atmosphere. In addition, this shade is compatible with all other colors. Paint the wall behind the back of the bed in a darker shade to create a rich, earthy style.

Rich redThe red color will give the room a dramatic impression. The rich soft berry tones are perfect for sleeping space – they are not strenuously bright, but look solid enough to draw attention.

Black – White

This contrasting combination always looks fashionable and helps to create a stylish interior without much effort. Select one color for the tree and the other for the walls. If you like experimenting, try creating effects with paint. Wrinkles or a shadow effect, moving from black to white color, will make the room modern and stylish.

The main accentFor to create impression in the bedroom is enough one impressive piece of furniture or accessory. It can be a chaotic chandelier, a dark wood bed frame, an ornate gilded night table or velvet armchair. Perhaps this accent is already in your room, you just need to highlight it. Do not overload the room with a lot of things and small chunks, let the luxury unfold.

If you are thinking of what type of textile you choose, remember the rule: less is more. Do not spare money for a luxurious silk bedding, and other accessories will be simpler. It’s important that they fit with colors and textures. White bedding is well-suited with luxurious curtains and velvet cushions.

Importance of reminiscentBefore going to the store, look around the storage and carefully check all cabinets. After all, the home is most decorated with things that have a history. Maybe it’s glamorous glass balls you played in childhood? Just put them in a light glass vase. Porcelain dishes do not necessary have accumulate the dust behind the glass – they can be pulled out and placed on a shelf.

Subtle nuances

If you want the room to look particularly elegant, get a separate bed blanket. To achieve the double effect, place it in the foot of the bed folded into two or three parts – to give the volume, color and texture diversity. Pillows of a variety of sizes also give the impression of luxury, especially if they are soft and well-groomed.

A neat night table A delightful night table is an integral part of a charming image. Of course, not when it is “adorned” with glass of water, a phone charger and other little things. The table will lookn otherwise when there is a graceful lamp on it, a flower with field flowers and some kind of other accesories.

Purchase plants

When you add greenery, you can quickly and easily decorate your room. Whether it’s a large fern or a few potted plants on a night table, the room will instantly blossom and revitalize.

Soft couch next to the bed – why not?

The armchair or couch is a part of luxury and comfort, which, at the same time, is very practical. In the morning, it will help you dress faster and go out through the door, and in the evening you will not want anything else but to sink in it with the book in your hands. So, find a free space for armchairs or several chairs.


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Written by Fortune

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