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The Owl House

I like to make dollhouses from recycled materials. In fact, it started with dollhouses but now I have a whole bunch of things made that way. So, I decided to share my work with you. This is a kind of an introduction. 🙂

#1 The entrance of The Owl House.

When a little girl wants to have a house for her toy owls, then she should get one.

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#2 The interior with the households and a dog.

That's why aunts are created as good fairy godmothers on the Earth, to fulfill every child's wish. 

#3 Just cats on the attic.

According to our priority, this doll house is made entirely out of recycled materials- cardboard and paper (mostly in paper mache technique ), as well as animals' figurine and household items.

#4 A glance through the opened door.

Our main goal was to make the child happy, so nothing was neither hard, nor impossible.

#5 Lena with her New Year’s present.

 Her amazed face was the best indicator that we succeeded in our intentions.

#6 All windows and the door are made to open and close.

#7 The fireplace chimney.


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