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Ancient Scandinavian runes for my Virily friends (part 1)

As you know, Scandinavian runes symbolize different ideas or concepts connected with everyday life. I’ve made some research and tried to find appropriate positive symbols for my dear Virily friends. So, let’s have some fun in Scandinavian style!


All of us know him as a versatile personality who likes travelling, music, technical devices. But I especially want to emphasize that a lot of his posts are full of the best moments of life connected with very vital and optimistic details.So I’m sure that PeorD rune suits to all his image.The meaning of this rune is “granaries of memory”.


She regularly pleases us with her awesome artworks and different charming details of home décor. That’s why I think that Gyfu/Gebo rune suits her perfectly.

It means “gift” and associated with joy and pleasure.


This delightful lady always tries to acquaint us with new interesting details of her life and the world around her. To my mind, she’s very cheerful and sociable. If you look at her profile, you can read: “The phone and Nikon are always in my bag to be at my hand.” This is the reason of my perception of her as a burning torch illuminating all around.So I think that her rune is Kaun/Kenaz = “torch”.

Albert Herdianto Widjojo

The master of philosophical poetry and meditation, great photos maker. His attention to everyday life and deep immersion in the problems of the Universe inspired me to present him Ansuz rune

which means “the poetic mead or mead of poetry”. 

Zaklina Maca Miljkovic:

Her marvelous posts about her cute cats – our smaller friends and very exciting quizes on different curios themes let me give her Algiz/Elhaz runewhich symbolizes friendship and a huge protective force against all sorts of adversity.

Rex Trulove

His range of interests is so extensive! It includes human’s health, philosophical questions, science, religion, living nature and many others. As he himself argues, “I’m on a life-long journey to learn, teach, and to help others”.So I associate him with Sole/Sowilo rune = “the sun”, or, in other words, the symbol of huge power and success.

Ileana Calotescu

I’m always admire with her photos of flowers and nature – they bring so bright light in my life, and, I hope, in your lives too. She says that “it gives me lots of joy” and all her works give lots of joy for all of us.

That’s why I think that Wunjo/Wynn rune (“joy”) reflects her essence in the best way.


Interests of this super lady can be called comprehensive – intense family life, constant communication with friends, the observation of nature, the arrangement of home life and so on.So let me present her Berkanan rune which personifies the health, beauty and love.

Alex Ledante

His love to art creative experiments (original unrepeatable mix of artistic styles) makes me think of Ur/Uruz rune which symbolizes the fire of creativity, creative fervor.It reflects the desire to overcome any obstacles successfully.

Fifi Leigh

Photos, art and design, novels, sports and fashion, movies, healthy life, favorite pet, many friends… I think that she has all the necessary things for happiness and it remains for me to wish her only greater well-beingDagaz rune symbolizes it.


What do you think?

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  1. I think Futhark is unique in that the runes have a both phonetic value and a symbolic meaning but then linguistics isn’t my area of expertise. Thank you for giving me such a cool rune!

  2. Your idea is great. For me, surprise and flattering is the definition of “Burning torch, which is illuminated everywhere”. I get this definition for the first time in my life for my 59 years. Be blessed. Thank you with sincere feelings from all my heart. I hope in virily to fix it because there are very valuable people here, as you yourself described them here in this post.

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! The research and dedication to friends and me are astonishing! Ansuz rune “the poetic mead or mead of poetry” for me sounds really great, and I feel very honored of course. Then what is the most appropriate symbol for yourself, Anastasia?