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Helping Authors Waiting Moderation ~ Requested

Earlier today, Doc posted a request to all of us here. He asked that we all please try and help the members who are waiting on their posts to be moderated. 

A simple email to Admin might help. Maybe if they receive enough requests, those waiting will see approval.

Here is his post if you missed it:

Lets Help Authors Waiting Moderation

I sent an email to Admin earlier today asking to please approve the posts waiting to be moderated. Some are waiting over ten days. That is driving members away from the site. Unacceptable in my book. They submit their posts, and then they wait. And wait… and wait.

I hope to get a reply, or just approve the posts. That is all I would like to see. Approval. I hope if you are one of these authors waiting for approval, you can hold on a little longer.

Some of us here are trying our best to help you. We appreciate you and want to see your posts approved and published.

  • Have a minute to email Admin and ask to approve posts waiting moderation?

    • Yes


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  1. By bombarding them with our requests, they will sure give in because the site derives its being from users contributing. It looks these days the waiting period is too long. It used to be 3-5 days.
    I am in.

  2. It is 11 days since I sent an article to Virily. I send an email to remind them it every morning. This is so frustrating and sad. They have not converted the posts into drafts either. I have sent the article again. Nothing happens. The articles are still pending. Thanks a lot for your help

  3. If Admin does not care about its writers, I wonder if they would care about writer’s complaints too.

    I think that they just care about making money from this site, as easily as they can.

    I also have an article in limbo for over a week now too.

    • Doc thought of it and I agree 110%. I have no idea, just thought it might help. Maybe I gave them too much benefit by thinking maybe there are at least two people working. One for emails. One to moderate. 🙂

      • Thanks for this email address. The one under “contact us” does not work.

        I also sent them a few emails about my articles not being moderated for nearly two weeks now, and also I sent them an email requesting that I be made a verified author now, as it will lessen their workload in moderating.

        Perhaps a few more should request this status, because I know of at least one person, who this was granted to, after they requested it for themselves.

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