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Thursday's Reflections!

This reflection kept drawing my eye.. I hope you like it. 

Happy Thursday everyone! Are you ready for the weekend??? 


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    • Ah yes, I had forgotten. Geeze, this means if I want to go hiking I am going to have to get far away from the city. I hope it doesn’t rain. Most of my days off have been to cold and or raining. We got snow two days ago. About an inch on the ground.

  1. Very nice reflection and picture taking. Is it you or a friend or a child or maybe even a dog standing up? As for the weekend, I will be probably working on my latest translation venture which is a novel from English to French of course… But you certainly go ahead and have a great weekend along with all your brood…

    • I was squatting down to take the shot. Probably from about knee height. 🙂 Thank you History. Oh boy, that sounds like a task, especially for someone who only can speak one language. I hope to do just that, hopefully a good hike.


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